The first week it was blazing fast.

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The first week it was blazing fast,now slower every day than my dsl was.So very unhappy with this.I got the plan with wifi speeds range from 1 to dsl was 8.I was told 12 for a speed and 24 with doubler.I feel lied to and ripped off..21 months of crappie service before I can switch.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I was also told by salesperson that they do not over sell so their speeds are always great.
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Honestly I can’t think of any reason why satellite would beat dsl. If you were getting a solid 8 down, I’d take that any day of the week. Satellite is more for people without a choice. Some 1.5 dsl plans might be inferior.
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Oh, satellite can be much faster than DSL, depending on the beam your on, when you are accessing, what specific type of access, etc.

DSL can be much better for any kind of "chatty" connection (VoIP, gaming, VPN, some secure sites, etc.) - but for pure download speeds, under the right conditions satellite can absolutely do far better than DSL.

It's the variables that aren't mentioned that always will tell the tale.
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I agree with you, but the random disconnects are what sets dsl or cable apart to me. Satellite is fine. Sometimes it really is very fast. My biggest gripe with Exede is “random” disconnects. When they advertise that you will not be cut off after priority data is used (just throttled), I find they have software that determines a big download request and interrupts that download enough to cause the download to fail. Heck, I thought about getting a dialup line just to download Xbox games. Wouldn’t matter if it took a month, as long as it eventually downloaded the game. With Exede, I could start a download before bed, only to find it had disconnected sometime during the night and stopped at say 11%. If AT&T would run their 1.5 DSL here (within a mile), I’d probably have both. Satellite to surf the web and dsl to download large files.
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After Frontier communications took over the land lines here in California from Verizon my DSL experience has gone down hill. Random disconnects all the time and slower speeds. I used to get a 11 Mbps down but now lucky to get 7 or 8 Mbps and the upload is horrible, always in the 700-750 Kbps   
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Sounds like you used up all of your priority data.  I'm on a Liberty 12 plan and my current speed it 243k.  That is to be expected during prime time.  Its perfect for web browsing but not so perfect for streaming video.

From midnight to 4pm my speeds rock and roll on the Liberty Pass.  I usually get speeds anywhere from 1 mpbs to 12 mpbs.
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Sounds like a pretty solid DSL connection to give up for satellite internet. Not sure how happy you are going to be with it. To could get a better Exede plan, but if course that will cost more $$$$, probably a lot more than you paid for your DSL.
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I had exactly the same experience. I was looking at 12 with ability to stream HD by the sales person. They said it would be a little slower during congested times and way slower after using up data. I went with the Freedom 150 so I wouldn't run out of data. I get 16 non congested times but less than 2 in the evenings when I am home to use it. Extremely disappointed. My only hope now is to wait for the new satellite hoping that will bring speeds back up. I am really upset with the way Exede oversells and then won't let you out of the deal without paying $15/month.
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Did you go over your priority data limit? That might very well be why it's slowed. Could you email us at We can take a look for you.