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I was lied to by EXEDE back in September!   I was told that Unlimited
would be available in my area in late October and to keep checking
back.  Every time I contact customer service and relay the information I
"was told by them"  I am now told that the rep who told me that was not
authorized to make those premisses!   And that Unlimited service is not
offered in my area of Colorado?   I personally believe Exede is waiting
until the FCC forces them to become competitive, before they actually
give customers a fair deal?   I was a DSL and Cable internet user for 15
years before moving to a rural area and now I feel extorted for these
services!   My God its 2015 and I've gone from paying $30 per month for
stable unrestricted high speed internet, to paying $150+ per month for
this crap!  25gb and $10per gb  there after!   Continuous Dropped
connections, and empty promises!   My wife and I have had to completely
change our lifestyles!   Cancel Netflix, cancel HULU , Cancel Amazon
Prime, Cancel Pandora,  and what a absolute waste of money purchasing an
XBOX-ONE this Christmas!   No online gaming!   Its like going back 20
years in time!  I'm sure that farmers, ranchers, and the elderly who
live in rural areas and have never been exposed to modern HS internet
love this service?   But for the rest of us, this is a bad joke!   My
God its 2015 and HS internet is no longer a luxury!  Its a necessity for
communication, finance, news, entertainment, business....   Hopefully
the Public Utilities Commission or a good law firm gets on board with
changing this!  I'll be 1st in line for an anti trust or class action
suit!   $150+ per month for 25gb is nothing more than GREED and
EXTORTION!   I'm sure this post will be removed, but before it is!  
Email me at gametraderstore72@yahoo.com and if enough of us join up
maybe we can get the ball rolling.....
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A few points here. The FCC can't tell a satellite in orbit to have more data through put. Neither can lawyers and Public Utilities Commissions. Second, your comparing terrestrial wired internet that can be added to whenever necessary to a satellite 22,500 miles in orbit that had a fixed capacity at launch and cost half a billion dollars to launch IIRC.

Third, did you do ANY independent research before before signing a two year contract??? Exede doesn't exactly hide the price and your data allotment.  It's in big letters on the front page of their web site.

And you claim the farmers, ranchers, and the elderly who live in rural areas are the dumb hicks. Without Exede, none of use would have internet except maybe dialup.
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I really do not think name calling is necessary. I am a retired computer tech at a major bank, then became a supervisor over customers service of broad band service with a huge cable company. I am a chicken farmer now, but far from a dumb hick. If it was for us hicks you people who do live in the sticks wouldn't have food on you table. Who is paying triple to put food on the table. I did my research before picking Exede as my ISP and I am happy with it. Its expensive and slow, the only time I need speed it down load with I do not do that much at all. I buy movies if I want to watch them. I miss a lot of pluses of having 50 mps, and going to gig, and all of that for $50.00. But the beauty of living out side the city is unlimited. If you do not like Exede dont buy it, move on. If you find better, let us know since we are dumb hicks. I love our family we have on here. We all have our ups and downs, but so dont my family.
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How is complaining going to help the way I see it is move back to where you came from are find a way to deal with ,the world isn't going to end because you can't play your xbox and rent movies instead of stream ,redbox is cheaper anyway ,you wanted that beautiful countryside living small price to pay to have wildlife all around you and clean air.
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I've stayed fairly silent reading all these posts from people, but I think its' time to chime in. Exede is abundantly clear on their web site, and through any customer service rep I spoke to regarding the nature of their service, and how well it works. Your signal is traveling 22,000 miles to a satellite (and back). You can't possibly expect for real-time gaming and video streaming to be as flawless as it is through DSL or Cable, which is traveling a few miles through dedicated hard line connection. 

If you sign a 2 year contract before doing your due diligence, it is all on you. If your installer did not communicate to you regarding the nature of the service, it is on them, and Excede should look into it for you. Right here, on Exede's site is something you should have seen:

Exede meets a need for those who live in areas where no other options are available. I understand this, and I live, literally, 300 yards from cable connection availability. I realize that I cannot play games, cannot effectively utilize a VPN connection to my workplace, and that if I want to stream video, I need to begin to buffer at least 20 minutes before I start watching. 

I'm sorry that the experience doesn't work for you, but it is your responsibility to educate yourself as a consumer. This is especially true if you're going to sign a 2 year contract.
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Interesting your comment about video streaming,  here it actually works really well when we use it on occasion.  I wonder what the difference is?  We see almost no buffering even with the latency issue.  In fact that is the main reason we are waiting to see what the "improved" service plans they are touting in March will actually be since that feature works so well on our connection.
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It's hit and miss for me, Jacqueline. I use Amazon Prime now, since keeping Netflix seemed to just be a waste of money for us. I run into the buffering problems maybe 40-50% of the time. I've seen some Exede dishes on homes in our area, but not a ton. Hard to say how saturated our beam is. 
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Go back to the City!!!! Exede works fine for us rural farmers lmao!!!
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Nice to see your special Jacqueline. I'm sure you would lay down and let people like that poor girl cuss you the way she did everyone that tried to help her. My God I'm sure trying to use your internet while owning a online game store can be troublesome. You need to weigh your options as stated the prices / limits were not hidden. You my friend just think your treats will get you something for nothing. I doubt it. You can pay just as us dumb hicks do. pos.
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So true.
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I am going to keep this short and simple.

1. It was not Exede's choice to move you to the rural area you live in with no other otions.

2. The best you can request is possibly working with Exceed due to the misrepresentation to cancel your service and work out something regarding the termination fees - if you can give specifics as to the promises you were made.  I have found if you make a reasonable claim and back it up with facts (including dates, agent names, time of calls, etc) that Exede is more than willing to work with you to try to come to a solution everyone can live with.

3.  I moved to the country when everyone was using dial-up.  I have a 150 Mbps line at the office and yearn for the same at my house, but one of the many prices I pay to live where I can freely do things that neighbors in the city may not appreciate is to forgo unlimited internet (for now).

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Hello Nate, I certainly do not want you to feel as though you were lied to. Please send me your info to exedelistens@viasat.com so that I may look further into this situation for you and see what I can do towards resolution. Thank you.
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I am not seeing Bobbies post that I got notice of  "With all these my gods I figure there are several cell phones several computers and a lot of spare time, I'm happy with my internet and made the decision not to go overboard with it."
That is me Bobbie, I went the minimum, and ok with it. i have a computer for information, not to play games. Did you know they still come in boxes and you can buy them. Some times it nice to get away from you screen and phone and enjoy your family. We have lost our power a few times lately and so nice to sit around and find out what everyone has been doing. I feel like once a week to pull the main breaker, just to get people to stop. We do have a generator, and use if for the blowers on the wood burners and lights. But I refuse to turn hook the modem and dish up, I say it could cause a surge and it will blow. it works, still have cell phones. But start a box game and see who all joins in. I dont spend $150.00 a month for internet and wont. I have the minimum and does just fine. I am the one who signed that contract and new what i was getting, so why cry about it now. Nothing has changed for me from the day they installed it. I was told that I was only getting 6Mps because it was prime time, and that is my normal speed or below, when I should get 12 MPS. But you know its fast enough for me to surf and get emails. On day, i would love to know why I checked speed because some one was talking about the speeds going to 25 mps. And I was just about there, why I dont know, and not getting it again. A strange thing, why did I get it once and now can get what I should. But thats OK. I am still a happy new Country Boy. With slow internet LOL

 Today its 5.84 MPS Higher then the norm.
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Guess it went away I don't see it :( But it was the way I feel, I check things out before I buy them or in this case lease them, thats all we are doing just renting. ps. I can't tell the difference between 10 mps and 20 mps  so I don't know what the big deal is.
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This is the way it is, I was also use to unlimited until we moved out to a farm where we could have our horses on the same property with us. We use to have to pay rent for the house we were living in and pay rent on a small barn and property for the horses. I even went to a different provider for internet service after my first two years, because they offered 250gb plan for 99.00 a month on a 4g signal. Well after 9 months they went out of business so I came back to exede. I live 3 miles from where the cables lines stop and am in hopes that someday they will expand to our outer areas. So in order to do things and keep my data plan in tact, if I have to do any downloading I set it up to download between midnight and 5am which is the free zone hours or unlimited. I don't have to be up all night because you can set it up to do it automatically. Happy with my service so far, Thanks exede.

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