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I would not recommend this service to anyone. I called to inquire about service and the saleswoman guaranteed me it was a brand new unlimited plan and during peak hours it would never drop below 5 mps. down, not even close to being true. I asked if her if she was sure several times and she confirmed yes. During peak hours it slows between .17 to .33 which are completely unusable internet speeds. Not able open a facebook page. Can't listen to simple audio files, forget about videos. even 188p will not play. When I call, everytime I hear oh we're sorry the salesperson told you that. All I get is, we understand your frustration, do you want to buy more data? No I want what I was promised. I feel deceived. .17 is not usable, which means unlimited is very limited. I would be happy with 1 meg down in a world where 25 megs is slow. Seems business' these days just redefine words to suit their needs, which seems to be money grabbing. Not once were any plans discussed, at one point after I called about slow speed I was told I should've went online and looked at the plans? Really? your sales team doesn't know what they are selling? Trying to email customer support is as bad as the phone calls, just goes round and round in circles and no one will answer one simple question, do you think .17 to .33 is a useable internet speed. Maybe someone will respond to this in a straightforward manner.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I don't know how long you have had this service but tonight (3-27-18) there is something amiss at Viasat. Everybody's speed is down across the country as reported in this thread HERE.
This problem apparently started yesterday and got worse tonight. 

If this has been an on-going problem for you, send an email to viasatlistens@viasat.com explaining your situation and include your account number a contact information.  You should hear back from them within 24 hours.

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unlimited bronze 12 plan myself sucks  2 am tll 10am  am good 11pm till 1am dial up service basically 0.2 0.3 0.25 and sometimes  1.0 if am lucky shannon williams  at 90 dollars a month disappointmented seriously too much for slow speeds yes i am on all day yes i stay in the country but am on all day cause am bored in county and handicapped no data caps yeah right  and am on unlimited thats not capped too much money for dialup  effect 7 -9 hours  of slow speeds  o n a satellite that i heard satellite internet was faster than brand broad i dont see it speed needs improvements  for 90 dollars a month on dialup like speeds 6 to 7 hours  monthly 
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Nope it's consistently slow for over a month everyday during Peak hours it goes down to between .17 and .33. Thanks for your reply though. I would have cancelled the first day if there was any other option. I feel stuck.
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And free!

Get your popcorn!
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Got me some Kettle Corn this time!  YUM!!!
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I'll bring a few cases of beverages and, a cooler full of beer and, a case of various spirits - we may all need them before Monday gets here. xD
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Come on. If we get drunk enough we can climb up on the roof and hold it as high as we can like cellphones. Can you see me now? Lol
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This is why I work them!....and the office being a ghost town is very tranquil and nice. 

I am closing this though as it's bumped on a 1 year old thread but to answer the question above: Usually we ask the unplug/plug step as cliche of a troubleshooting step it is, is because that's a step that fixes A LOT of issues that I'd argue a majority of problems people call in about.

 Being we're satellite weather does have an effect on our service (could be fine at your house but storming at the uplink center) so that's why that question is asked. 

I do get phone support is frustrating (that's why I tend to do a little Google-Fu to see if I can fix it or see if there's a chat instead...not a fan of the phone) but if you do have a local dealer you can certainly contact them. Anything else you can always do a chat on our contact us page, the app, or email us at viasatlistens@viasat.com (where we can answer a lot of questions but troubleshooting speed is better done live)

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