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I have had Excede for about 24 hours now. I received a message that I have used my 12GB allotment already. They do not have any detailed data available but apparently most of the data usage was late this morning when we were primarily unpacking boxes. There was some light web browsing during that time to look up some information. I expected some high usage last night due to a single large download but it was way less than 12 GB, and they do not currently even show very heavy usage during that time. We have done no streaming, our TV is not even hooked up yet. I know there was some Skype voice yesterday but it is normally pretty efficient but I will verify its bandwidth usage. Also, that time period was a "low" usage period according to tech support when I called.

It looks like others are having the same issue. Is it always like this? With the terrible latency this service seems terrible for any usage at all. Is their voice also this poor? We have not yet received the voice portion. 
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Hello Hunt, I can understand how frustrating it is not to know what exactly your data was being used for. I would be more than happy to view your account details and check your usage categories and see if we can pinpoint your consumption. Please send us an email to with your account and contact information. Thank you. 
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I am posting this in case others might have the same issue.

I think I figured out what the issues is/was. I have Google drive for work and I have not logged into any internet in almost a week. I believe the automatic sync could have used the data. I have not yet verified the data used but this seems plausible to me. The same issue might occur if you use dropbox or if you have apps updates that download in the background, such as through App Store on a Mac. On a Mac you would check this using the System Preferences and clicking on the App Store icon.

Although it is not their responsibility, Excede should remind new users that having syncing in the background or automatic background downloads for apps should probably be disabled and list possible apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox (if used with a group), App Store on the Mac, and whatever the Window's equivalent is. That is an easy thing that would lead to much less frustration due to "surprise" usage. I am guessing many people either do not realize they have that already set up (often a default) or have forgotten since often new Internet service corresponds with moving to a new residence.
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Turn off automatic updates....andthing thaf processes data in the back ground, file sharing programs. .... yea google drive syncing some pictures will use some, but 12 gigs i. 24 hours..... that sounds more like hulu or netflix on high definition.
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Hunt, sounds like you probably did figure out the source, and I completely agree with you: Exede should take additional steps to help customers AVOID these problems in the first place.  I think every new customer, at the time of signup/before the actual installation takes place, should receive a special email designed to address, IN DETAIL, the issue of data allowances and data usage. If this is sent to new customers BEFORE installation, this may weed out the people who never should get Exede in the first place and who had no idea about data limitations or what this really means.  Once the install has taken place, those people are stuck with this 2 yrs contract and they are PISSED.  Does exede really want those customers just for the money involved?  It does sometimes make Exede sound bad when people claim they were lied to, and they are often quite vocal about this! In this email I would like to see sent to everyone who has signed up, before install takes place, would like to see  a checklist of the majority of causes of excessive data usage that people often are not aware are occurring.  there are so many customers that have problems with this issue, and many of them simply wouldn't know how to figure it out as you were able to do.   When I first got high speed internet about 4 yrs ago, I didn't even know the difference between a kb and Gb.  I knew what a download was but not about the data usage involved.  I didn't really know what streaming IS, much less the TON of data used by streaming.   People who are more knowledgeable find it hard to believe sometimes, but there are PLENTY of people who know as little as I did when they sign up for Exede.
And these people may be terribly busy just trying to work and have time for their families.  Kinda hard to find time to give yourself a crash course in how to manage your data usage, esp if this is a new subject to you.
Re: my experience with exede (since you asked in general):  I have no problems at all to date with any data usage I can't explain.  I have the 10 Gb a month allowance and always use less than this by the last day of my billing cycle.  This is through CAREFUL attention to all kinds of settings to prevent any usage that is automatic or in the background.
I have Exede voice and I think (feel free to chime in, anyone?) that when you have VOIP via Exede it doesn't add to your monthly data usage.  I have heard that some other people have successfully used other VOIP brands with Exede and with those it does use some data, but people have posted that it uses very little.    
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There are any number of concrete actions that subscribers cant take to reduce their usage and these issues are not new having been encountered by most since Exede was launched (and even Wildblue before that).

New users can learn form the experiences of others who have gone before them.

Unfortunately this forum isn't particularly well-suited to viewing historical advice and the same problems are repeatedly posted ad infinitum (or ad nauseum if you prefer  - you're choice). Six months or so ago, an effort was initiated to consolidate that information into a single thread which has been abandoned for the most part and there were suggestions made that a link to that thread be made both permanent and prominent when visiting this forum. The other forum at:

offers much better search capabilities as well as private messaging for those more inclined to one-on-one help (but be prepared that many of those members don't tolerate complainers without solutions or reasoned discussion lightly since it was originally established independent of ViaSat and Wildblue despite now being maintained by ViaSat).
However, all it takes here is a search on data usage tips and you'll find the top 2 links that can assist you:


Everybody wants an easy button solution, but there are none and they often require more than 140 characters to explain so reading is in fact fundamental.

As always this advice is offered with the following disclaimer - none of them are effective if you have a faulty installation or equipment issues and your first step should be determining whether that's the case by contacting a moderator or your installer who have the tools necessary to do that; although it's often enough to get usage under control by becoming proactive and following the advice in those two links while awaiting a response - eventually you're going to need to do so anyway if on a limited Exede plan.
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Old Labs, I completely agree about how repetitive this all is and I keep thinking the same thing/there HAS to be a better way to be giving out this info when these problems get posted here. --but I am wishing for a much more concise way for people to see what to check that might account for excessive data use.  The ideal would be a document listing many many possible causes, from most common to least common and with links next to each one explaining more about that particular issue/how to fix. If I had access to a document like that, I would just post the link every time someone says their data is going missing/they couldn't possibly be using that much.
This also allows THEM to do the work, rather than other people here trying to guess what their particular situation might be.  The customer knows what equipment they have, what devices hooked up, their usage patterns, etc etc.   
There are too many ways for data to go missing for a narrative style such as seen here to effectively cover them all, including what to do about the problem if you find you have it. (hence why I'd like to see links next to each possible cause, with more detailed info)
I clicked on your first link and it went to message saying it was invalid. the second one worked, but is a good example of what I am talking about. when I independently yesterday did a google search about windows 8.1/8.7 problems with excessive usage, there were several fixes mentioned, not just the tiles thing.  and if someone writes a whole tutorial on the subject I'd probably get the most out of that, rather than reading what a few different people may or may not post here on the subject.  which is why I didn't go to the search here about the windows 8.1 problem
I do a lot of research and I always learn the most from texts/articles directed to that specific topic in detail, which is very different than an ask/answer forum.  (unless I already know what the problem is)
all that said, I have thought of looking for something like what I am talking about online.  but frankly, I consider myself not that knowledgeable on the subject overall so don't trust myself to be able to judge what I am reading, as to how inclusive it is.
Do you know of any articles like what I am talking about?  Maybe it would take listing links to a few really good ones. 
What I would like to see is such a list being given by Exede to every new customer, perhaps in an email sent as soon as signup on the phone has taken place, BEFORE installation.
Again if it is in LIST form with links for further info, the prospective customer or customer can cover a ton of potential problem areas very quickly and zero in on what might pertain to them.
I am SO glad you brought this up...just sent an email to asking if someone at Exede would put together a reference document such as I am describing.  It would certainly save Exede some time in some cases as well.
and when people call Exede on the phone, it would be awfully nice if they could at least send the customer this document via email rather than just giving some vague, general response about data issues.  I would much rather hear:," here is a (LONG) list of possible causes of excessive usage, with info on how to fix the problem once identified." 
Boy would I like to see that! this would have saved me a ton of time 3 yrs ago when I was a complete novice when I signed up for satellite internet for the first time.
and would STILL save me time rather than my having to come here or  to google with various topics trying to find the one that might apply to me....
Ironically I think one way in which I can be helpful here on this forum is that I really DON'T know as much as many of the regular posters here and it wasn't so long ago  that I truthfully didn't know the difference between a kb and a Gb (really, not until last summer when I couldn't take it anymore and spent a few weeks teaching myself the basics).so I can empathize with novices like me, and understand the depth of our ignorance and the need for good detailed and sometimes BASIC info about how to plug data leaks.
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Love what you said about the 140 characters!  Twitter frustrates the heck out of me because so often, when people have to stuff what they want to say in 140 characters or less, I have no clue as to what they are even saying!  I thought maybe it was just me, but I bet not.
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There is some info on the Exede blog at there's some data usage tips and Facebook tips add blocker tips that Alex Miller and his teams have put together for us users. There are actually all his posts going back to the very first one back in 2013. If people took the time to read over the welcome packet that is sent out and do a little research online they would find that blog and other stuff online. Problem is people don't they just believe what they were told by salesmen.

Think of this internet service as a leased car and you can only drive so many miles a year with out being charged so much a mile extra for the miles you go over. Even when you buy a new car you do lots of research and comparing prices before buying. Treat this the same way. If you go over your millage (aka data) you will be charged when you have to by more. So be mindfull of where your driving your computer and other devices. You wouldn't let your neighbors or kids take the car out with out your knowledge so make sure your wireless is secure so others aren't driving your internet (using your internet with out your knowledge) and those that are driving make sure they know what they are doing and that its a leased car and only can drive so many miles (aka you have a data cap). You do scheduled maintenance on your car you don't just pull off the side the road and change the oil( aka make sure you set updates to notify you before downloading so you can install them during your free zone). Speaking of oil, you check the oil in your car regularly same with the tire pressure to make sure you get the most life out of your engine and tires (aka check your data usage regularly to make sure your not using excessive amounts)

Basically what I'm saying is this isn't normal internet so you can't treat it like your work internet or your friends service down the road you have to be mindful of the data cap and mindful of what your doing on the internet and how devices use data.

Just my two cents for the day

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I agree the info already available is good.  An exhaustive checklist, all in one place, of possible sources of data issues, with links to how to fix i.d.'d problems would just be a lot more efficient for everyone.  and not all info that might be needed is already posted in accessible appropriate places.  I keep reading on this site every day stuff I hadn't heard about before that might be eating data.
again, narrative form has its place, but a list of problem headings with links works better when you are starting just not knowing what the problem may be.
not only that, but not everyone coming to exede is going to read what you just wrote Knight Rider (about needing to learn about the ins and outs of satellite in order to be able to manage it well), and it would save everyone a lot of time if exede would just hand them the LIST, with links to detailed info on how to fix a problem if you think you have it...a lot of people come to exede without all that much computer knowledge, so let's say you tell me, well i think your problem is windows 8....then I need to know well, what exactly is the problem and how to I fix that...the tutorial I posted here yesterday explains step by step what to do about the tiles and about other data eating issues with exede.  you put those links on this LIST and no one has to keep telling the person--and all questions are answered right there.  not one question answered here on the forum which just leads to another question and another.
there have been posted on this site some excellent links to tutorials on how to turn off the autoplay stuff (on all the major  browsers), and those links would be on the list, so we wouldn't have to keep giving them out one by one, or searching for them if we didn't happen too save them at the time they were posted here.
this would be an excellent high quality reference source.
what I am talking about would provide so much more info than is in the library/intro material because it would include links to how to fix it.  otherwise, no matter what,there are always going to be people asking the same stuff over and over, and it would be better to have an improved single source of info to point them too, rather than having them go to a couple of other places on exede which only have partial info.  the could search all around and read all that and it might have nothing to do with their problem.  not inclusive enough/not user friendly enough for the average working person who hasn't got a high level of computer knowledge.
it seems to me when a problem continues to be as pervasive as the data issue is, something needs to be tweaked--the current system with some articles to be found on the site isn't working well.  If nothing else, if we had all the info in one detailed organized document WITH links to how to fix, it would save SO much time for the askers and the answerers.
and I would prefer not to tell people, oh just go to the exede website and read what they have there about data usage...i know I would be being MUCH more helpful if I just said, here is one link you can go to and you should be able to locate your problem or at least rule out a lot of possibilities.  I would think exede might like to do that for their customers because that would be EXCELLENT customer service and might save them a ton of repeated phone calls that don't seem to be getting some people any answers.  I get tired of answering the same questions, but I actually would prefer to answer them the way I wish someone would help me when I have questions.
there's nothing wrong with the idea that it would be good if people would "just"(watch out when you see that word "just") take the "time" do do their research.  Does anyone besides me remember how hard and time consuming it is to even DO any research when you don't even know the basics about the subject?  Or just how busy someone's life might be and all they want is to be able to have high speed internet now and not a few months from now when life slows down and they can read about it at their leisure?  
I am thinking this:  when someone calls exede for answers and exede goes over their data with them and can't find the problem.  wouldn't it be better to have a document to email to the customer to  help them explore this further, systematically, then to just say, well I can't tell what the problem is, it's nothing on our end, bye now.  That would be excellent customer service in my opinion.  And again, I don't think the info already posted by exede on this subject is particularly user friendly because it is spotty and doesn't include a lot of info which might apply to the particular customer's problem.  I don't want to read a series of articles which may or may not happen to include a description of my particular problem. I don't have windows 8, so I don't need to read a whole paragraph or article about that--scratch that off the list and continue on to find what is relevant to me.  
anyway, obviously I think it really might be helpful to come up with an organized, comprehensive, user friendly resource document on identifying and solving data usage problems..think I'll spend some time on google and see if someone has written any good definitive stuff on the subject already...
I apologize for going on and on.  (Pleading my case, you know.....) 
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In discussions with people over on the Hughes board asking questions about their experiences with that service, one thing I was told was that if we subscribe to Hughes the data meter would keep resetting during the first few days (I don't recall how many days they said without looking it up) of service.  This was a feature apparently to allow new users to run any updates and/or adapt their equipment to the data restrictions.  I don't know if Hughes does any better job than Exede alerting new customers to the issues with data but at least this feature gives some time to adapt and perhaps it is something Exede might want to consider with new subscribers to avoid frustrated new subscribers burning their data in 24 hours because they weren't familiar with data restrictions or simply missed changing the setting on something.
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J, I did a google search to look up this HN issue you are referring to:, this is a post written in 2013 on the hughes forum (by a Hughes employee):
Sara for Hughes_
," we provide our new customers with a few days of relaxed data restriction. Typically, when people sign up with us their machine hasn't been online for a while and therefore needs software updates once it's booted up. To allow our new customers to run these software updates we allow for a few days of relaxed data restriction. After about a week you'll notice that your data allowance will begin to count against your monthly total. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions. Thanks, Sara"
(I am glad I looked for confirmation by an employee, because a customer in the same discussion was saying they reset for 14 or 15 days, but it's really about a week.)
(and this was written in 2013, so hope it is still in effect)

I agree this is a good idea Hughes has come up with to a limited extent.  Works for both customer and Hughes, since they are avoiding alienating new customers who see a huge amount of their data disappearing immediately and may not realize why it is happening and that some of it is temporary.  For hughes customers this is even more important than it is for Exede customers since Hughes no longer has a late night free zone, meaning there is no option to wait until LNFZ to get a lot of that backlog of updates done. (but a lot of new customers won't even be aware of the backlog issue I would guess)
But I am not sure that new customers who are using so much not due to a backlog of updates (but instead maybe because they stream a lot) will get much out of it, since they still won't understand where their data suddenly went when HN stops resetting every few hrs and their data suddenly disappears in a few days.
I took a glance at the Hughes contract and I must say it is VERY clear on the subject of data allowances and the need for the customer to understand how data usage works and manage their allowances accordingly.
 maybe Exede will consider initiating a similar new customer "relaxed data restriction" period in the first week of service.  
(I feel I should say that I personally am doing much better with Exede since I switched from Hughes last august--not for technical reasons but because the Exede basic plan gives me more of what I need for less money and at the same fast speeds all exede customers get/Hughes provides a somewhat lower speed for the cheaper plan while costing more than Exede's)--and the latenight free zone works much better for me than the new hughes system--they no longer have a free zone).  

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