Super Service: Truck Roll to the Rescue

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How about a truck roll, for those special customers with claimed "under-performing service?"  If its their "problem," they pay for service call.

Yes, this issue can happen on both sides of the fence-line, but with a technician using a laptop, the chaff can be sorted from the wheat.
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I'd agree to that, provided that Viasat agrees to not only fix the issue but also pay me for the time off from work that I have to miss while I wait for the technician.
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Have the easy care program so they came out and nothing got better. Back the truck up
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RE: "easy care program"

I was thinking more along the lines a special service for these OPs...

Horrible service

As a poster elsewhere noted,

"They could just poll the modems for all the link specs, SNR, signal RX/TX levels etc."

He also indicated,

"Cable companies like Comcast have automated systems that poll the modems and build a report on "Market Health". They then send service techs out to target the out of spec modems.
Some systems wont even let the installer activate the modem and close the job ticket unless the modem shows in spec."

These "drag on, and on" threads, especially when OP says very little, needs to be addressed.
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Viasat monitors modems for outages and other issues as well. Many of the common issues we see are either congestion or, user end beyond the modem issues. Such as Viasat seeing speeds at or very near advertised and, customers seeing single digit speeds. Then we finally figure out the customer has 3, 4, 5 or more devices using the internet simultaneously. Well that 12 or 25 Mbps is divided between all connected device so, yes, any one device shows slower speed.

Automatic updates, cloud services, leaked wifi passwords ans, simple lack of awareness of how much data any give activity online uses are all common causes of "vanishing" data.

In the last 14 years only ONCE has the problem been equipment and twice Viasat settings for my account. That is enough to tell me that 90%+ of the time it's either user error or lack of user education causing the issue.

Not that I haven't had problems, but most were my own fault and/or happened early on when I knew little to nothing about satellite internet service. and how it worked. We can all learn more about this service, I still learn new things form time to time and, the Viasat employees here are really great about answering questions and, explaining things.

As for those truck rolls, I've had 4 truck rolls in 14 years. 1 was acceptable but not great, one totally horrible and, two amazing technicians - one of those being Mr. Horrible after a bit of education for him. he came back for another call and, was amazing. So Even for the techs, most of the time all it takes it a bit of education.
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Speed Tidbits

In 2007, average US broadband speed was 1.9 Mbps, and in 2017, 18.75 Mbps.

UK: 2011
"Almost half of broadband users are now on packages with advertised speeds above 10Mbps but the average broadband speed is 6.8Mbps according to Ofcom.
UK broadband speeds drop by an average of 35% from their off-peak highs when most people are online in the evening, according to a report."

UK: 2017
3. Ofcom’s UK Home Broadband Performance report shows that average download speeds for residential customers are 34.6Mbit/s during the 8-10pm peak period, compared to average maximum speeds of 39.1Mbit/s.

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I had wondered about the multiple-device factor. 

I'll be honest. The last time I had any sort of technician here was when DirecTV put in my TV satellite. I fumed for a couple of months afterward because he'd talked me out of hooking my TV up to my Exede service, telling me I would never be happy with my speeds and would run out of data way too fast. Later I had people tell me he didn't know what he was talking about.

But I have since decided he did me the biggest favor because so many of the people who complain about ViaSat/Exede service mention their TV or gaming console being hooked up to it. I can still stream Netflix, etc. by using my Apple TV over wifi, so it all worked out.