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Not impressed with initial communication with "CS" and or area rep.

 I'm currently getting calls from multiple sources at Excede
STILL in regards to my initial installation/order placed on 1/12 or 1/13.

I’ve had to reschedule this darn thing multiple times, once,
granted was due to weather. However, since day one with this install,
communication has been very frustrating and perplexing.

1/13: Original install scheduled for 1/15 by Excede

1/15:  Local installer
calls and says “we are calling to schedule your installation for Sunday 1/17”

1/17: Tech calls to say he won’t be out due to weather. I
totally support this at -30 wind chill. He says office will be in touch first
thing Monday.

1/18: No call all day so I call Excede and ask if I was supposed
to call and reschedule?  They “schedule”
for later in the week.

1/19? Local installer calls to say, we need to reschedule,
our tech in your area is out for personal/family matters, should be able to get
you in this week, I will call and keep you updated.

1/22: No word or update from local installer. Late in the
day, Excede scheduler calls and says she is calling to reschedule my
installation for late next week(WTH). OK.... Now I’m upset, she gives me the
number for “corporate” so I call them. Install now scheduled for Monday 1/25
between 11 and 2,” you will receive a confirmation call prior to the day of
your install confirming”.

1/25: I got no calls all weekend “confirming” my
installation, so, I call Excede to “confirm”. They say “I see notes here but no
scheduled installation. Let me get this entered as priority and urgent. They
will be out there today and if not “lets pray they are” but if they are not
there by 2:30, you give us a call.

1/25: Minutes later, my local installer calls and says “we
are calling to reschedule your installation, from last week do you want it
installed this Thursday or Friday? WHAT?? I said, Excede scheduled install for
today, maybe with you maybe not, they said there are other installers? She said
“well, our tech is still out of office so it’s not with us, I have your order
here and I don’t see any scheduled install” So...I scheduled for this Friday,
between 8-10.

I was going to call Excede back but the heck with it, I’ll
wait, see if anyone shows by 2:30. Best case, I get a dish today, and if no
show by 2:30  I’ll call if not TO CANCEL (or
postpone) my install. This has gotten to the point of silly and frustrating.

All the while, I’m calling to cancel/cancel my
cancel/cancel/cancel my cancel with my current ISP, they probably think I’m
just bluffing them, they do keep sweetening the pot for me to stay and at this
point.....I may just do that. They are supposed to be getting upgrades this year,
maybe I wait it out.  I was frustrated
with them, that’s what lead me to Excede but now...geesh.

The one gal gave me $10 off for 6 months for my inconvenience
whoopee! . This is not a good sign when I’m getting discounts before the
install due to inconvenience, and the runaround!  

And....reading recent posts of slow service, burning through
data etc. I’m not sure I’m as impressed as I once was. This has all given me
plenty of time to rethink my decision to pay three times what I am paying now
for a new  two year commitment.

Goodness, my first two posts in this forum are longer than
all my other internet forum posts combined, I’m usually just a forum stalker.  Sorry everyone.

Do ya’ll think waiting it out is worth it for the Freedom
plan? Those that have the 25Mbs modem/router, is it solid? Have speeds been consistent
at 25 Mbs or above? Convince me!  
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Posted 4 years ago

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I wouldnt want that installer to install my satellite internet because your speed will be crappy if they do not install it right and they do not sound like they care if they do. I would talk with others locally and find an installer you know takes pride in doing it right and knows what customer service is. If you get a bad install you are going to have a load of headache and seems like from others here its a never ending battle to get it fixed.
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OH....another thing, thank you sonyaA... along those lines, when I ask Excede "who will be doing the install" they say "well, we don't see that, we just see that the order has been placed" what??? You don't know who is doing the install?? Hello?  So, to your point, I have no idea if it's the same installer or not, or if I can even request a specific installer. It's all, very odd.
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Yep, just called Excede and asked "ok, you all said by 2:30 today, my local install company called and said "Friday" what's going on. I asked if I could go with another installer and was told "he is the installer assigned to your area" so... the dude has a monopoly in the area I guess and I'm at his mercy. Seems odd that he can take a week or two off and just put all Excede customers and/or future Excede customers on hold at will. Not impressed. Not his fault. Excede has until Thursday to impress me or I pull the plug on this thing. I think they need to work with a different local "local being an office two and half hours away by the way, my installer is 20 min. from the house though". Yet, when I click on the "find a dealer in my area" on the Excede website, a dealer 45 minutes from me shows up. This is all too strange for words. 

As I type this, my "local dealer" called me again. Seems like, Excede sends an escalation request to their "escalation department" and that is actually going directly to the local dealer. I would expect an internal escalation within Excede! Who has an escalation process that goes external first? So needless to say "the escalation department" calls me and wants to do whatever I want to make things right. I say "well, I was scheduled an install for today" "well, the person only entered that in notes and never really scheduled it" "oh, well Excede told me someone would be out today by 2:30" "well, our tech is out and they can't schedule in the same day" I'm guessing, things are the same as an hour ago when we talked "best you can do is this Thursday or Friday" "yes" well, to your point, that's not what I wanted but, we will go with that. After talking to her, it's clear the process is broken. To be dealing with Excede, a third-part scheduling service AND the local dealer is insane. 

So...we wait...... we'll see 
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yes you can call the installer you want and bypass the go around through Exede the guy that installed mine I referred my neighbor to so she would not have to worry about the headache you are going through. I asked him when he was installing another neighbor if he does Hughes and he said either of them which ever a person wants he will install so I keep his personal cell number handy so I can call someone I KNOW does an awesome job on installing and its sad but he is not even listed as one of their ELITE installers which are the ones they ONLY want to set up up with not sure why most of them are further from people and I have heard not so good things about the ELITE installer for our area. I would call the one they have you set up with for the install and let them know if they no show again you are looking for someone to actually install it for you since you have been waiting 2+ weeks.
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Hello Dcinia, I’m sorry for all the rescheduling and miscommunication. This is truly not what we like to hear. The last thing we want is to lose a valued customer. Let us help look into this, please send us your account and contact info to I would like to further review with my installer relations team. Thank you
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Thank you for reaching out. Information sent
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"Elite" refers to dealers - not to installers. The Elite status is awarded primarily based on sales volume - Some dealers are sales only and others also have installers.
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Good technicians get no love.... no reason to do a good job besides pride and honor. But to direct yout issue...... take thjs as a sign...... nuff said
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Finally got install done. Between weather, miscommunication, reschedules etc. We got it done. Thanks to Excede Lindsey as well. 

To close this and my other post: Ended up doing a roof install, clear shot and good to go. Installer is actually a great guy and did an awesome job. His home base....not impressed but not once did I hold that against him. Dustin in Eastern Iowa, is the real deal, good man. 

Had moments of 39Mps, that's awesome! A little better than the 1.4Mps average with SpeedConnect. 

Thanks for letting me rant. I'm happy.