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Thank you Viasat moderators for attempting to answer the questions that I directed towards you last week. Only Viasat can speak for itself. Comments from forum members are speculation only.

Here is a summary of where we are at now, after reading Brad’s update posted in Mia Culpa.

 1.     Where is data counted?

a.     You responded at the modem.

 2.     Is the data continually counted or is it sampled and then extrapolated?

a.     I am still awaiting an answer. Another forum member has indicated that he believed the data sampling occurred once every 15 minutes. If this is the case, is the actual data accumulated at the modem in the time gaps or is the data usage estimated for these gaps?

 3.     What other data is included in the total other than data downloads/uploads initiated by the customer or initiated by apps on the customer’s computer.

a.     I am not clear on your answer. Apparently, the customer is also charged for data usage from Viasat’s modem updates and data involved in synchronizing the modem with the satellite. You speculate that modem updates do not use much data because you have not received many complaints from customers about this. Regarding synchronization the modem with satellite, I still am awaiting an answer. There are times when the modem continually recycles, all along consuming data trying to connect. Other than these four categories (user initiated data transmissions, user apps initiated data transmission, Viasat modem updates, modem data involved in synchronization), can you answer what other categories consume data charged to us? Viasat’s overhead has been mentioned by other forum members. Is Viasat’s overhead apportioned to customers’ data accounts? If so, what is the overhead percent as a function of the sum of user initiated data transmissions and user app initiated data transmissions?

4.     What equipment or systems are in place to prevent overcharges of data?

a.     Will this question be answered?

 5.     How often is the time of day sampled with regard to the LNFZ so that customers are not charged for data transferred during the LNFZ? What procedures or methods exist to prevent downloads beginning at 3:00 am in my case and ending at 6:00 am in my case from being included in the monthly total?

a.     Will this question be answered?

Your response closes by stating that the unanswered questions will have to be answered by Viasat’s engineers or by emailing you. Will you be communicating with the proper knowledgeable Viasat employees to seek answers to those questions that currently remain unanswered?



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