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I have good speeds most of the time ranging from 7 mps up to 30 mps.   I don't really see much difference in load times for web pages   between low and higher speeds Do I need to change settings etc or is this normal ?
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ViaSat uses a web page compression called AcceleNet which speeds up downloading web pages, the decompression is handled by your modem's firmware...so you should see little to no difference in the time it takes to load a web page..so even in congested and slower download speeds you should see about the same load times for web pages...of course it will vary depending on what all types of data is contained in the web page...like videos.  It will also vary depending on how busy the web site is that you're surfing to.
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Higher speeds are not going to significantly reduce page load times - some might argue that anything 1 Mbps is sufficient for most browsing as well as email (using a desktop client). Even the FCC claims that - different activities require different "speeds". See:


It's not really speed but capacity. However higher "speeds" would allow more simultaneous users in your household to be browsing.

It's the nature of the beast and the way web pages are delivered - while Viasat's compression "speeds" up browsing on non-secure sites, it has little if any impact on secure sites. For example, this simple page required some 20+ requests for me (no caching) and each one of those incurred a latency hit of at least 600 milliseconds albeit with some multi-threading going on - about 7 seconds to fully load 1 page consisting of 1.2 MB

Browsing simply doesn't flood the pipeline and exhaust your capacity like a speed test is designed to do (or downloading a large file, or watching a video).

P.S. Some browsers perform better than others and using an ad blocker while cutting out unnecessary cruft on pages can give the illusion of better performance when the page becomes usable quicker. Try the Viasat Browser. 
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"Page loading" speed is over rated.  At what point does our brain determine "instant"?  A second?  A half second?  A millisecond?  You click it and the page pops up.  I however get quite annoyed sitting here watching a "page loading" animation on my screen for 2, or 3 mins before even a simple page opens, which is often during peak usage.

I dont download many files.  Occasionally I d/l a "moderate" file and to me if the file takes 8 mins, or 14 it is negligible.  When transferring "large" files I think of water, your faucet fills an 8 ounce glass in 5 seconds, a 5 gallon bucket takes considerably longer ... end of story.  Its called "patience" or "impatience" whichever you prefer.  Its like pulling out the driveway for a family outing and the kids ask "Are we there yet?" LOL.

With video, as long as I can watch my video and not a "buffering" animation I could care less if my "speed" is 2 Mbps or 200 Mbps.  As long as it is as fast or faster than my player can process and play it, what do I care how much faster it is?  The guy in the 250 MPH Ferrari may get to the theater before you, but the show still doesnt start until 9.  You saw the movie, wasnt that your ultimate goal to begin with?

Just my opinion, but I would be extremely happy between 7 and 30 Mbps.  Far too much of my time is spent below 2.  When it dips below 1 my internet becomes all but useless.
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A lot of the time it takes to load a page is determined by how fast your computer's processor can handle all the crap that most pages do in the background. When I bought a new laptop I bought a high dollar HP Elite Book....same internet connection, same web pages, same everything...pages loaded WAY faster. 

I was amazed when I installed no-script on my Firefox browser and actually SAW the stuff that goes on when you go to a webpage. 

The best results I have found come from using Viasat's browser.

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Using an ad blocker is one of the best things a person can do.  The viasat browser does a great job of this and I have UBlock Origin installed also and it just blocked 57 items on the USA Today website.  I almost never see ads when I browse.