Speed not what was promised.

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I just got my Exede hooked up with a disappointing 3 to 4 mbps download speed and 2 mbps upload. Is this what to expect for this service? I was hoping for the 12 mpbs promised.
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Arthur Shucher

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Posted 3 years ago

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Lots of variables - weather, trees, atmosphere, solar flares. I've had speeds up around 15Mbs and speeds as slow as leave the house and run errands. 
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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Hi Arthur

Give us a call at 855-463-9333 and we can check this for you. Did you go through your priority data? that sounds like the Liberty Pass range
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Tommy J Mosco

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Hello Arthur,
Good question about the speed, it is rediculous the answers you're getting. It must be Exede employees replying to your question. After 3 years of Exede I can tell you to quit looking for anything close to what you're expecting. Worst part is the loss of data you can expect a lot with every excuse in the book about on how you used it without knowing how. Even with a week vacation I used up all my data. The reason was, my just not figuring correctly on my usage.
The early morning FREE usage is about like the first dial up service so even if you want to watch a commercial you need lots patience.
I know, this is just one unsatisfied customer and the real deal is just all really rosy. I'm not sure about the other servers so you'll just have to wait and see how things go for the next couple of years.
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Beth McCabe

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Welcome to my world.  Doesn't matter the time of day, weather, clouds, sun, rain or shine.  Sloooooow speeds.  I've never gotten the speeds promised since I've being paying for this garbage internet service.  I'm less than a mile outside of 3 different city's and my only option is satellite internet. 
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Like they say hope in one hand and poop in the other. Surely you know it is your own fault. Probably you turned your computer on.
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Tim Spake

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Welcome to my world, 1-2Mbps when you want to use it but 12-18Mbps when you are not home.
Now you will hear the "up to" caveat
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12Mbps and more is possible. As an Exede employee can verify if they look at the pictures form my service call this morning - 15+Mbps, and PING under 600ms - fantastic. :) 

Now that isn't going to hold during peak congestion and, it's going to change with the servers I may actually download from, but, the raw speed test is great and, that's what you go by, not what happens in an actual file transfer. File transfer speeds depend on several factors beyond Exede's control so, you can't go by that.
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Arthur Shucher

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Just to let everyone know this is BRAND NEW service. 2 days old. No way the data is slow because of using TOO MUCH data. You have to have data in order to use it.
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anything anyone with "Champion" beside the name says, just take it with a grain of salt. they will ALWAYS speak on the company behalf :)  I have not seen any speeds over 4mbps TOPS in months, mostly between 0.20-2.50
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You should see speeds up to 12mbps but keep in mind that several factors could alter this. On our end if you are over the data and in Liberty Pass you'll see speeds 1-5mbps range except for in the peak hours (we state this at exede.com/liberty) heavier users will see it potentially drop below that range. During peak hours even with priority data you could see speeds not at their top expected speeds just because that's when the network is busier (a problem across the board even with DSL/Cable) so speeds may slow and some activities will not work as well as it would in non-peak hours.

 With that said other factors could affect you either on our end or with the equipment you are using. There's no real way to say one way or another unless we take a look at it.  I will invite those of you dissatisfied to email us at exedelistens@viasat.com so I or one of my teammates can give you a personal account review.

Finally just as a point of keeping decorum on the forum please refrain from attacking other users. The Champions are just users/customers that have been helpful with replies so we gave a little flair to their accounts but all their responses are on their own accord and are not employed by the company. Anyone on the forum can be a champion. We've even had some speak quite candidly about if they disliked something. So keep in mind these are fellow customers and if you have some issues with the service myself and the other moderators on here are very open and approachable if you email us.

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