Speculation: How much will the Platinum 100mbps plan cost?

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I'm thinking $200 after a discount introductory offer?  Seems like a nice even number. 

The Gold 30mbps and Gold 50 mbps plans will probably come in at $130 and $160.  Silver $100 and Bronze $70 stay the same.

It seems from the earnings call they aren't that interested in subscriber growth.  They want to maximize ARPU with more expensive plans to increase and perhaps become more of a "premium" brand satellite service.  That means they may stop offering budget plans for new subscribers.
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Posted 7 months ago

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I am waiting on my dealer to look up prices for me in my area on new plan
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I'm thinking more along the lines of $300-350.


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I’d have to see data allotments first. 150GB ain’t gonna fly.
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With the price of Platinum at $960 an ounce and Gold at $1300 - you'll get more GBs with platinum ;)
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$200 without the ability to cut the cord completely is a ludicrous number. If people on platinum could have dependable streaming 24/7, then $200 looks much more reasonable. If it’s hit and miss like the current unlimited plans, it won’t be very popular.

$150 for a top of the line plan is about the threshold of pain for an average citizen.
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You'd have to be a fool to pay that much knowing they are only promising up to 100mbps and in prime time you could easily get much less.
Never underestimate the foolishness of the American consumer - apparently about 40K subscribers are paying between $70 and $150 for about 1/8th to 1/3rd that right now according to the conference call transcript at seekingalpha.   
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Yea, I think they've all been here posting lately about slow speeds. ;)
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Aww, the fun of speculation.  
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Enough with speculation and predictions, let's tell them what we want.

Enough predictions! What do you WANT? (and will Viasat listen?)
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200 for platinum isn't unreasonable. Take Unlimited Silver at 150, toss in Viasat Voice, Easy Care and, the lease, you're pushing 200 already. Adding another 50 to that isn't a big deal to most that can afford the 150 to begin with.
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Assuming you can live with what DirectTV or Dish offers and not have to have original Netflix or some other programming, if the data limit of 150 stays, that $50 bucks will buy a decent TV package where you can watch HD (even some 4k) unlimited.  I still contend there is little reason to upgrade if you can't cut the cord.  Can't see an advantage to it.  Dish Network streams on my TV in 1080 all night long with no buffering.  
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$70 for Bronze is not reasonable. $200 for platinum is completely unreasonable. It actually doesn't become reasonable because in your area sales silver for $150 and you get voice and easycare.
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There was a screen shot somewhere on here of a $190 price and 120 mbps for platinum I believe.
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And here I got their double-post problem fixed....  That's gratitude  !!!
I did have a flaw in mine so it could be proven not to be an official Viasat information release or advertisement.  It wasn't too obvious, but it was there by design.  Yep... my first DCMA takedown.  
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All i want are the plans to come out so i can a lot of folks of my cloud, er beam.:)
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All things come to those who wait. You must have driven your parents crazy at Christmastime. 
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I’m not getting the full 120Mbps since I upgraded to Platinum.

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Oh no!!  You know what you just started?  :)
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If you have to ask how much the Platinum plan is going to cost, then you can't afford it.