Specific question for Beam 329 users and on the Liberty 12 MBPS plans

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Since Viasat has recently strangled those on Unlimited plans and the Freedom plan (my current plan), I would like to know from those on this beam (central VA) and on the 12 MBPS Liberty plans, what are your response times during the week, let's say 4p to midnight, and the weekends. Viasat tells us the response times are great. Are they?

Viasat Brad - question. In my area, Liberty 12 plans are offered, up to 50 GB. Nothing higher than 12 MBPS. Do you know if these plans are still on Viasat 1?  The notice I got said if I upgrade, it will be another 2 yr agreement, is that for one of these plans or is the 2 yr agreement if I move to Viasat 2 with new equipment?  Or, is the offer for 12 MBPS on Viasat 2??  It would be truly offensive if it is.
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Posted 6 days ago

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Beam 329 Liberty 12, 12 Mbps with old stand alone modem, Free Zone 3 - 6 am:

  • Weekdays: 3:00 am - 4:00 pm typically well above 12 Mbps at around 16 Mbps with spurts to 18 - 19 Mbps.
  • Weekdays: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm typically just about 12 Mbps or slightly under.
  • Weekdays: 7:00 pm and later has been dropping down into the 7 - 9 Mbps range as the evening wears on. Some occasionally much lower during that time frame.
  • Weekends: so far about the same
  • No experience with Liberty pass yet but planning to blow past the cap on the final 2 days of my cycle to see what's going on there - particularly entry to and exit from the free zone.
All tests are manual, testmy. download file size of 13 MB and taken with no other internet activities from other devices. Upload results pretty consistent at 3 Mbps with a test file size of 3 Mbps. All tests using a wired (ethernet) connection through my own router. I usually also compare my router's real time throughput rate with the testmy results when running and they are in general agreement with one another.
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My tests today are much better than the last two weeks on Liberty pass. Speeds today have been over 6mbps dwn then back to 0.25mbps. It is like someone turning a switch on and off. Is this cause of the deproteinization kicking in and out or something else going on? I'm not complaining on what I'm getting I love my Liberty plan just cause of the free zone. Look forward to see what you get during Liberty pass Casual Observer. I'm in SW Va so I think I'm on the same beam as you I would have to check and see.
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If a new modem is required/upgrade it's ViaSat-2. If you want to shoot an email to me I'll look for you. It depends on how big of a pile I need to get through but I'll check
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Hey Brad, I would happy to email or PM you but I don't see a way to do that.
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