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As you know, phishing has started again in this forum. I do not recall following any phishing links in this forum, although I have hovered over them.
It may be no coincidence but now I am receiving clever phishing in my email.
I just received one about my Citibank American Airlines credit card. I do have a Citibank Card and I do have an American Airlines credit card. The problem is that my American Airlines card is not with Citibank. It would have been easy to miss this point. It turns out that the link was identified by the criminals as ( Do not follow this link --it is actually located in Brazil).

Which brings me to the next point. Several of us have identified phishing in this forum and requested that the moderators remove them. Have they been removed in a timely manner?

Is there a way to build a Malware like filter into this forum? There are not too many things that are worse than identity theft, especially if this forum were the facilitator.

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A month never goes by without 1 of those
More often 2 -4 / month

Has nothing at all to do with who provides your internet service
It is life now days, don't be stupid & you will be ok...
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I get them at work every day. And we have some of the strongest filters and anti-spam products you can have.

Just like telemarketers, next to impossible to stop. Be smart as noted above.
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Perhaps there is a way that a two step process could be implemented for when one clicks on a link, with the first step warning the person of phishing possibilities and the second step being a second click to actually go to the linked site.  There are still a lot of people out there who are VERY naive when it comes to phishing attempts.  They may assume that, because this is a ViaSat site (or ViaSat related), posted links can always be trusted.  I have no doubt that the incredibly pathetic losers who post spurious links are relying on that mistaken assumption.  

Then again, I know GetSat greatly limits the options that can be implemented, so the suggestion may be entirely redundant.  
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Don't post any hyperlinks, you can just describe an item and suggest a place, forget providing a link, that will make it more obvious that when you see a link "anywhere"  your radar should be activated.  Think " i'm not clicking on a link that could end up getting my identity stolen:"

You don't know me and I don't know you so why should i trust you, why should you trust me, because we are both on the same forum.  Be totally skeptical of everyone on the internet.

If you must share something then just provide a short description like: search amazon or ebay for the Samsung smart mesh router system.

That is enough information for someone to find the item, if it isn't then they aren't really that interested in finding out more information on the item/subject.

Keep your guard up and radar activated at all times

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Or just learn how to identify phishing attempts - I'd provide a link but... google it.

Paranoid much?   
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You're right, these posts have multiplied recently.  We're removing them as we find them.  If you notice them staying up longer than they should, email us a link to the post.

We're also looking for ways to block them from our side as well.  

In the meantime, be very careful of what links you click on.  Don't post any personal information, account numbers, personal information, etc.  
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Id tell new pilots that i trained, in airplane don't make intersection take offs, take the time to taxi to the end of the runway, if the engine quits on take off you'll more room to make a safe landing.

In an airplane or a helicopter,If the center of gravity and gross wt will allow always top off your tanks, air in your tanks will not give you additional flying time when needed for weather etc.

I would tell the new drivers, "Pay attention to everything going on, think ahead and don't speed"

If you are situation ally aware, paying attention etc., you will have the best chance to avoid an accident.  If you don't speed you won't get a speeding ticket.

If you don't click on a link that you haven't solicited, ie Google it type link, then you stand the best chance of avoiding getting taken down the rabbit hole.

Insure you have the most current virus definition installed every day, that is the first thing that you should check before accessing any website.

There are thousands of internet criminals with some expertise that are trying to lure you in every day.  You can match wits with them if you like, however, if you don't click on the hyperlink than you will totally eliminate that particular risk.

As time goes on the criminal activities will increase and get more sophisticated, don't become a victim, keep your guard up, be skeptical, don't click on hyperlinks and be a bit wary of everyone on the internet.

Happy surfing, have a nice day.