SpaceX Internet!

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Posted 2 years ago

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I can see it now, Space X internet coming early 2019...  I'm sure their forum will have just as many nut jobs demanding updates as this one does.
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Stephen, you got that right.  This is getting really stupid.  They badger the moderators for weeks and months "is it here yet" and when it comes they dump on them because it isn't Fiber internet.  We even have one Yahoo who is going to sell his house because he didn't like what was offered on the new plans.   Viasat has released plans that are historic in scope and now they talk about the company being put out of business.  All you people who hounded the moderators (and you know who you are) need to get up off the floor, change your diapers and apologies to them for acting like spoiled 2 year old brats.  ( Now that my friends is a proper rant)
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Very well put, Jim16. 
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If I’m the nut job your referring to, then I suggest you lay off the name calling. Secondly if you consider the direct promises being broken by a company after more then five years of flogging a service that still doesn’t work being a nut job then I can’t imagine that you stand up for yourself very often. All these comments about diapers and demands and nut jobs are ridiculous. This company has misled the general public and investors for years on end. These are legitimate concerns. Unlike the silly postings I see about eating cake and other irrelevant unrelated issues to viasat. If you don’t like my posts don’t read them. They will not stop, until this company meets the commitments that they themselves said they would achieve. And that does not include any unrealistic nut job expectations about pricing or data allocations. I’ve been using satellite internet since DirecPC and I am certain I am only one of a few here who can say that.