Problem with data usage meter?

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I have been with Exede 2.5 weeks. I don't watch videos or listen to audio, I've turned off WiFi, and I have turned off updates. I started with 10 GB plan, updated to 15, and then added 3 more GB with 13 days remaining in billing cycle. I have one computer hardwired. I'm doing Yahoo emails this more (no attachments) and I've logged .3 GB in 6 hours. Something is wrong. I need help. I'll purchase third-party meter to troubleshoot.
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Exede's usage tracking is not accurate.  They will tell you it is, but don't believe it.

My Exede equipment has been unplugged for over a month now.  The dish is sitting on the floor in my camper.

My new billing period just started today, and the usage meter already shows me at 144% of my allowance.  Somehow with the dish not aimed at the satellite, or even mounted, and with no electricity supplied to the modem, they are claiming I managed to download 14.5 GB in one day.

I had been considering having the dish mounted at my new home and finishing out my contract, but after seeing this I will be THRILLED  to no longer be an Exede customer.
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@ Corey Virgil:

Please check your post HERE for an explanation of why your usage meter still shows data used after you disconnected everything.
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Hi Corey, I agree with our forum champion Craig, the meter reading that you’re viewing is actually the data usage based off the last consumption your modem reported before you disconnected everything. Once you reconnect your services you meter will then provide actuate info.  Thank you  
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Preston, you might want to get BitMeter2 for your computer to see if it is doing sneaky downloads or updates on you. If your BitMeter results are significantly lower than your reported usage, then it is clear that something is wrong and you can contact customer support.

I have found that the usage reports for satellite are not very reliable. My previous ISP had huge problems with bandwidth miscalculation. Unfortunately, the "service" at the old ISP (Hughesnet) was the worst I've ever experienced. With Exede I've actually been credited more data when I was able to prove that my bandwidth was miscalculated.

One part of the problem is that customers are not provided with proof or an hourly tabulation of their usage.

Another problem is webpage bloat and the fact that the average webpage now uses over 2Mb of bandwidth to load. When data limits were first set, the average page used 320kb. Yahoo uses some fancy flash garbage (which doesn't work properly for me so I set it to use the old interface). Even with flashblock, adblock, and changing settings to prevent auto-load videos and such, I still get high usage reports just from loading things like Facebook.
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Great information and tips.  Thank you.
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same data depletion problem here, all we do is check email and use facebook, all autostuff,updates,ect stay off and I keep a close eye on running processes. the modem simply does not "Catch up" that is about the lamest excuse I ever heard. there is only at most a 15min delay TOPS or everyone would be going into bonus time using there anytime data. if they chose to they could have it auto refresh every 2-3 mins.but when you turn off any and all wireless adapters and let the modem sit idle it will show up/down no matter how long you sit there "letting it catch up" before unplugging it AND when you plug it back in it will show useage regardless of what you do. my router also keeps up with all the data useage and it never matches up EVER.and before someone says something no I keep wireless OFF.

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