Something is rotten in Denmark (Denver)

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To paraphrase Shakespeare, something is rotten in Denver.

I have noticed for a while now that we have seen nothing from our very worthwhile and knowledgeable contributor, Old Labs.

So I went to his profile, which has been removed!

This appears to have occurred just after Andy's profile was removed by Denver.

Perhaps Old Labs self removed as a protest to Andy's removal. Perhaps there is something deeper than this.

One thing is obvious to me. Denver protects the disruptive losers on this forum and runs off the valuable contributors.

Ivan pointed this out a few days ago with a poignant and accurate cartoon, ridiculing Denver's censorship. Within minutes, Ivan's post was removed by Denver. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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I wonder how many other valuable contributors like Old Labs have left this forum? We will probably never know.
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Looks like the same thing that happened to Andy when you click on his profile.  I would think Old Labs would have said something before leaving voluntarily. 
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Hi everyone!

I can confirm that nobody on our side, to my knowledge, deleted Old Labs profile; he must have removed himself from the forum.

We do retain the right to make judgment calls and delete any image or post that violates our forum rules in order to keep this a place where everyone is welcome.  You're welcome to take a rules refresher if you'd like by looking at them here.

I'd like to think there's nothing rotten in the state of Denver, besides the smell of Stinky, the corpse flower that just bloomed at the Denver Botanic Gardens, because that was for sure a stinker.


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The bottom line is that Viasat doesn't have a sane moving policy when moving within the same beam, which is what precipitated all of this - instead Viasat wants to promote it as a "free" move under the condition of a new 24 month agreement. Address the bottom line, it never happens...

Simply allow subscribers moving within the same beam to contact their local dealer, pay for it and make the administrative change - we have computers and databases that can actually do that latter part in 2018 (well maybe that's not the case in Denver).

That's a suggestion - in fact most subscribers should have their local dealer/installer on speed dial.
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Even a new 24 month contract wouldn't be SO bad if they allowed you to keep your current plan, if desired!
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That is the BIG issue. I would do whatever to keep my grandfathered plan too!
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Michael McDowell

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Yep, it seems entirely arbitrary that you can't keep a current plan in that situation! 
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I understand a beam to beam move, but with a beam?

Anyhow, on another note, haven't seen much out of Bev or J&J lately. Hope all is well with the regular posters.
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Given the complaints about the content of this forum, why doesn’t someone take the bull by the horns and start a more useful forum modeled after the previous Wildblue forum. I have no idea how much time or money that takes. There seem to be knowledgeable and qualified people on this forum who have the ability and time to do this.

I would like a forum that solves real technical issues. This forum is clearly influenced by the marketing people at Viasat to serve their interests. I don't think they know what they don't know.

The forum should be moderated by people with a technical background, just like the previous Wildblue forum. That forum was not broken so I don't know why Viasat felt a need to fix it. It must have been a political battle between marketing and technology as to who controls the forum.

To constantly advise people to email Viasat Listens is just a head fake.

I do not want this forum to be a repository for complainers, followed by minimization of their issues.

Many of the issues addressed here are result of improper installations and should be solved between Viasat, the customer, and the installer. These issues don't need to clog up a forum.

The previous Wildblue forum dealt with real technical issues. For the most part, these real technical issues have been absent from this forum. The complainers stayed away from that forum because they knew their issues would be misplaced.

It is conceptually wrong to think that a forum such as this should be an adjunct of marketing.

"Can someone pay my bill? does not belong in this forum.

"My installer stood me up" does not belong in this forum.

"Viasat sucks" does not belong in this forum.


"What maximum coaxial cable length is recommended before I get signal degradation?" does belong in this forum.

"What is the latest software version for the Viasat modem?" does belong in this forum.

"What does "Brown out mode or Blue out mode enabled mean?" does belong in this forum.

"What are the best times to avoid congestion on beam xxx" does belong on this forum.

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Your right find an alternative find out what make a product better
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 Hello, Chaim Thank you for raising this matter to our attention. We will look into it.
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Already another long term alternate site: 
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All champions are not created equal.

My mind is forever soiled about Ramen Noodles. No forgiveness here :).
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Yes, that was a very disturbing video of Stephen being one with the noodles.  Let's watch it again!

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One thing about running ones own forum. Ban control!
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Y'all are some weird people. is my forum.

I think I paid $300 for the vBulletin software and I have no clue what I pay my web host. I prepaid my hosting bill until sometime early next decade.
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I think I will post some random message on it on how I cant get my internet to work.