Some please explain data leakage, patch issues?

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I've seen a few posts recently where customers mentioned that exede told them there was a problem with a gateway beam, something about a patch, which was causing excess data use. It sounded as if the people who were complaining about data use suddenly going up were correct, and that in fact there was/is a problem with the satellite network that was generating the data use. I wondered about this, as I noticed a lot of retransmissions sometimes on my modem, bad packets ... would someone, anyone, who has been involved in this or who knows about it post a response describing the problem and the (pending?) solution? Is this a known problem? 
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one thing I noticed that had a substantial impact on my "usage" was disabling sights (like facebook and drudge) from automatically opening/downloading video's and shutting off all sights that i have email accounts with as soon as I'm done with them so that their ad streams didn't chew up my monthly allotment also. it worked for me anyway can't answer for others
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Hello Kentuckienne, the data meters being affected by the beam work differs per individual account. Some on the various beams have seen a difference and others not at all. If you can send me your info, I'd be happy to look at your meter to see if you have been affected by this as well. Thanks.
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This happened to us. We had a bad viastat box that was reading the data wrong and getting hot and go offline and when it came back on our data usage would be used. We have a new box and still having trouble when two people try to get online at the same time. I have notice that on the exede home page you can get your usage but it does not tell you when you use it or what on. I did notice that by going to the viastats ip address page in your search engines address bar you can see all the data that is coming in and going out. I noticed even if nobody was using the internet at my house data was still being received. I wondered if that data was adding up against our allowed data usage? I have alot of trouble at exactly 12am when the unlimited data switches on. It takes anywhere from one to two hours before I can watch Netflix. by 2am im so mad and angry I want to move to where there is century link unlimited all the way.
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I have the same problem here but my shuts off at 6pm but it will work all day long fine
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Wendy (and Matt),

The Ethernet interface statistics displayed on the modem status page at reflect all traffic flowing between your modem and router (or computer if not using a router). You'll notice that those statistics are updated about once per second, and reflect that page dynamically calling the modem just to simply obtain the statistics. It also reflects other traffic that doesn't go beyond the modem and is limited to your local area network (LAN). This is not the same as traffic flowing between the modem and satellite known as wide area network (WAN) traffic.

Congestion at the start of the LNFZ at 12:00 AM (and even the start of the EBFZ at 3:00 AM) is typical and results in decreased speeds for everyone. Many subscribers automatically schedule their heavy downloads to start precisely at the start of the free zones causing that congestion. Just like on a highway, once that occurs it takes time to relieve that congestion.

Congestion is also pretty typical during the peak evening hours.

Everybody here recognizes the weakness of the current usage meter, and that it provides little real value in monitoring one's data usage. ViaSat is purportedly working on a better usage meter. In the meantime, many users rely on their own techniques for monitoring and managing data usage as described at:  

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