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Simply put, the recent software change that actively restricts certain types of data previously only bandwidth-limited is a clear violation of the contract I signed.  Trying to get through, much less have a productive conversation with technical support only makes things worse.  They only try to sell you more data and will not engage in any conversation about shoddy or non-existent service.  Waiting DAYS just for a request for support only to be told after two days that someone will respond within another day?  Really?  Or leaving you in a phone queue for 40 minutes only to tell me that it's my fault for being in data restriction when CLEARLY the terms of service have been changed?  Unable to complete a CS chat because my internet connection keeps on dropping?  Unable to download any email now for two days, unable to do any online banking at the end of the month, completely unable to download any files, even those as small as a few MB?  

Exede knows they are "the only game in town" for some rural users and they seem perfectly willing to exploit that relationship without any care for the customer experience.  It seems they are willing to have a high customer "breakage" policy, as there are plenty more customers hostage to a data connection they can exploit.

One can only surmise that Exede operates with *intent* to infuriate and rip off customers, as there can be no other explanation for such awful customer experience, service and support.

This is just evil.  Plain and simple.  Worst data provider I've ever had in the history of the internet.  Period.  Scumbags.

And that's the polite version.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Just as a point of clarification for everyone. We recently had a update to our system that affected Evolution plans. Over the years, content providers changed their delivery methods which made it difficult to to distinguish streaming when reporting usage.  For some customers prior to this upgrade our software incorrectly distinguished streaming media as web browsing. This update now better distinguishes it and if you've gone over your data you may have trouble visiting such sites as youtube, Facebook video and so on. 
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What this guy is really trying to say:

"ATTENTION FOUL PEASANTS! We, your internet overlords, have realized that we have not been cheating you correctly for sometime. Therefore, we have updated our system to make sure you are receiving the correct amount of cheating. We feel that this change is good for us and as such you should be fine with it also. Now go about your business checking email (unless it is aol) and looking at funny cat pictures. For the whiners.........SHUT UP AND SEND US YOUR MONEY!!" 
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if you've gone over your data you may have trouble visiting such sites as youtube, Facebook video and so on.

I keep hearing the words "restricted" and "you may experience trouble" but what you are really doing is just blocking the site so it can't be reached.
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What? If I have difficulty viewing Facebook that IS going to be a deal breaker! I don't play games on this I do not stream videos. FB is a Web page and that should work. I have notice sometimes it times out loading and no I don't automatically see videos on there either.
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As a software developer and former network engineer I would LOVE to hear the science behind the Exede software that distinguishes between streaming media and web browsing. I'm guessing it would be a very enlightening read. Do you guys inspect incoming protocols or just filter URLs for CDNs? Do you account for the fact that HTTP streaming and adaptive streaming are more prevalent and utilize HTTP (there's RSTP/RTMP but doubt big providers are using that, but who knows). That might be why you are preventing customers from reaching certain websites. I'm not a digital media buff, but this software sounds a bit hokey, and believe me, it wouldn't be the first hokey algorithm I've seen.
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Brad I have seen this same, or very similar, blurb from several Exede employees. Is it possible that you are now metering far too much? Like several long time uses I have systems and techniques to imit my data consumption and for the past couple years rarely go over 5GB. With this update to your software I am using .5GB a day!!! 

Is there a white paper, forum post, blog or web page that defines what you are now metering and how we can mitigate this 'new' usage? 
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I knowingly go over my data limit within a couple of days of the beginning of each cycle. I'm fine with my data throughput being restricted. But I need slow access to all websites or the service isn't useful! When I signed the contract that was the agreement - I would have access to everything but it would be slowed if I was over my limit, not BLOCKED! I'd rather everything be slow than some things be completely blocked.
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The thing is if you talk to support they still pretend like it's just restricted or reduced and will avoid saying the word "blocked" at all costs.