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Standard procedure is to give the customer the option to return the equipment.  Not sure why your case was handled differently.  At least the charge for the tech was cheaper than being charged for unreturned equipment.

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Hello Mark. As JEP indicated and as Old Lab's submitted FAQ over equipment suggests this is a fee associated with sending a person out to remove  your equipment. As read in our disclosures at the time of disconnection, we send our customers pre-paid shipping labels and boxes to send their equipment back in as well as instructions on how to remove your Tria from your dish. Failure to do so will result in unreturned equipment fees (usually around $300). A fee will be applied should we send someone out to remove this piece from the dish for you. If there's any concerns about this or a reason there MUST be a technician sent to remove your TRIA from your dish, please email us at and we can discuss this further.
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After being an Exede customer for three years, thus fulfilling my first 24 month "contract" I had to move so arranged for Exede at the new location.  The installation took place November 1st of 2015.  I'm told I agreed to yet another 24 month contract and am guessing I did this because I would have been hit with a large installment fee since I was only signing a one year lease on the rental property.  Regardless, I am having to move again and in addition to being told I have 14 months left on my contract, when in FACT I know it should be only 12 months I am being told I will be charged  another fee to have a technician come out to remove the bolt off the satellite dish.  Now I am not stupid or week and was able, from a 20 foot ladder, to remove one of the bolts holding the TRIA.  The other bolt was put on so tight that nothing I could do from atop that ladder was budging the bolt - including hammering a socket wrench for 10 minutes.  I do not think I should have to risk injury nor be responsible for costs incurred in order to remove something that was put on apparently to be permanent by the installation technician.

Additionally your customer service rep's were rude and did not have the slightest interest in trying to work this problem out, I'm figuring they deal with these calls a lot.  New tenants are coming into this house and I will advise them NOT to go with Exede.  I also plan on pursuing this more in an attempt to make it known that Exede is unethicial and participates in unfair practices, does not care about customer service, only making every last dime it can.  I never agreed to risking injury for your service.
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Sherri, I don't understand why you think that Exede I unethical and participates in unfair practices. When you moved, you agreed t o a NEW 24 month contract. Now you are moving only part way through your contract period, and yes, you are required to pay an early termination fee. Also, as pat of the contract you agreed to, if you terminate service you are required to return the tria, modem and modem power supply in the packaging sent to you free of charge by Exede.
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If there's 12 months in a year and the contract is being cancelled after 12 months of service, that leaves 12 months not 14. I guess you don't agree with the fact that an Exede tech installed the tria in such a manner that it is far too difficult for an average customer to remove in a safe manner (read again what I said about attempting to remove the tria) but hey, that's the customers problem. I disagree and believe Exede could offer to at least share the cost for a tech to fix the problem they created.
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Sherri, Exede did NOT create the problem, an independent, authorized installer did. Perhaps you should take up the cost of the tria removal with the installer's company rather than Exede.

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