So you think Viasat is a bunch of dirty rotten scoundrels ?? Read on.....

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Read the article and don't miss the comments at the bottom.  Take note of the speeds and data allowances.  Also note the few comments about T-Mobile, the true UN-Carrier.
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Now is Viasat really all that bad? 
Sure, they do have technical problems, but they are working on them and have solutions to implement.   I'll keep my Viasat service, troubles and all.  They still beat a lot of others, even on a bad day. 

Also, What other company on earth has a corporate forum like this one where Liberty is King and even the Moderators have a sense of humor?  This is a great forum (for those of you who failed to notice), where the only things that get swept under the rug are people's personal info and swear words.  Okay, they do get rid of some other things too like; double-post, spam, hit and run trolls, etc., but Stephen Rice is still here and so am I, so there!, they also have tolerance (or would that be patience?) OR....  they really like garlic and maybe like what I tell some people because they can't say those things themselves without getting fired.  We may never know.  
 Get on Viasat...  You're alright with me.

(now this time really send me the check, ok?  That "Check's in the mail" bit last time didn't cut it)
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  • Lucky Viasat was founded in the first place.

Posted 7 months ago

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We were talking about 80s movies weren't we?
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"a tethering speed limit of 12kbps is enacted."

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all hail freedom (new)
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This is a great forum 
It actually is a great forum.  I'm not even a subscriber (yet) and I enjoy coming here daily for the entertainment. ;)
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And best of all, it is free!!!!
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I had a whole bulb of garlic last night with my dinner. Let's just say the dogs weren't very happy.
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I'm just here for the...

Well that and good internet out here in the boondocks. :)
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Where did your profile picture go Bev? Are you going undercover or was your picture just an alias for your superhero persona?
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Yea.....  what's up with that??  Notice the convenient color scheme.
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Nah, Lizzie dumped a bottle of that secret sauce all over my Avatar. You know it's good for satellites, bad for photos. LOL
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this is all what imma saying here :3

just saw that bev posted a pic of the secret sauce :3 and now... bev has dumped the secret sauce onto this anime pic :3 (i dont know what manga it is but i wanna read it ;-;  )