So you ran out of data and now you're angry at Exede...Read on...

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People....   you must understand that you are buying data that is delivered by satellite.

All the rants about running out of data are much like children complaining that their candy bar was just too small after they ate it all.... and of course, they want more.

How many people have a WiFi router connected and also have an android phone or similar?  Ever noticed how it will latch onto your WiFi to save you from cell companies data caps?  Know your equipment and what it is capable of doing, or resources it may find that end up bleeding data from your internet connection. 

Get a network monitoring program like 'Net Peeker' ( and watch what connections your computer is making.  Maybe your home computer is a "spam-bot" or similar where your connection is booked solid around the clock by someone else via remote control.

To blame Exede because YOU ran out of data is just plain unfair.  You may be losing your data to people or places you are unaware of. Would you gripe to the water company about a high bill if you had a badly leaking pipe under your house?  it's not their responsibility to make sure the product is only being used where you want it. must understand that you are buying data that is delivered by satellite.
How it gets used is entirely up to you.
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My complaint isnt that I ran out of data but that there is a cap on data all together!  This is insane.  Because I choose to live a life out in the country where no other internet service is available, I am limited to useage - that's like putting a limit on how much oxygen a person should consume.  Guess if I want more internet options, I have to move to the concrete jungle...NOT!  I will deal with a slower internet speed for half the month.  Yep, that's what I said, this exede lasts max 16 days.  Crazy.
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Hey now, in not having data issues. Had to watch an Exede Techie and correct everything he did and now my data isnt an issue.

So where were we again? Oh, yes. :) try again
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I agree with you LumiBlossom.  Never - have I ever been to a forum that makes me feel like crap until I came here.  I mean they act like we come here to chat??  No we come here when we have an issue and need help getting it resolved, and yeah, a lot of times we're pissed.  We definitely don't want to be preached to about how we are in the wrong and this company of course is always right.  They can't tell me that this company is perfect because I have lived with it for quite a while.  Only reason I use it is I have NO other options and believe me, as soon as one comes up, we'll be gone.  Have they ever wondered why there are so many out there who think just like me?  Oh, I forgot, it's not because of the company.  Blah!!
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yea i keep going thru data also i understand the limits and all but when i purchase extra and that gets used  when i am in bed well customer service helped me understand that then ran into another rep who was very rude and nasty so guess what i am going back to hughes net where they have FREE restore token and i never spoken to or treated rudely when i help pay your pay check
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That's what predators do pick on the weak, big bucks evolved. I have one year and will be moving to another provider.
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relevant word - choose, you choose to live rural and with that comes great benefits and also some not so great benefits.  Did you not research internet availability before you chose to move rural?  If internet speed and limits is a high priority, you might consider choosing to relocate where it better meets your needs.
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The problem with satellite internet is the caps are too low. 25GB just doesn't fit
for a family anymore. If caps of 150-200GB were possible then it would be easy to stay within the caps. But they are not and most likely never will be. With caps of 25GB rural America will be stuck in the 90's. There could be 5 people living in your house. 2 adults and 3 kids. It's so easy to chew 500MB-1GB a day per person. Try watching YouTube for 30 minutes day. Say that all family members in your house do that each day. I hope to god that 95% of rural America will have wired broadband options in the next 10 years and less than 2 million will have satellite. I can tell you this. When I have a family and I recommend this to everyone, make sure your house gets cable or fiber. That's all I got to say.

Those of you who are able to stay within the caps probably are couples without kids.  

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I have 4 kids... then again I also control access to the internet and don't allow internet gaming. We have it for work and school and some research for projects around the farm.

I have the 10GB plan and am able to stay within the limits just fine. But as I said I control internet access (routers are a wonderful tool) and we don't use Windows or Mac so I have an even tighter control over the computers and what they transmit and receive.

I signed the contract like everyone else with the understanding that I have a specific amount of data available to me that I am paying for. It's clear and simple and staying within the limits means being responsible and living aware.
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yeah, yeah, you're perfect
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He's not perfect, but he is happy, being able to budget his Internet usage and having a life outside of the keyboard.

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