So I have not found a way to get online games and this wifi to work.

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So I have not found a way to get online games and this WiFi to work. It just doesn't. I know it isn't my modem so no point in telling me that ( I have gone through that conversation a thousand times) If someone can help that would be great as I really want this problem fixed and I like this company. I saw similar posts saying that exede was working on it but that was also 2 years ago. You would think they could have made some progress. I live far out and there is few WiFi companies that service me but I am ready to switch to a different one if that is what it will take I am sick of not getting serviced for what I am paying for. I get that they warned us that some might not but what they should say is No server based online game will work with this WiFi. Instead it was a few games don't work but most should.
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If latency (lag) is the problem, connecting directly form the modem to your computer, without a router gains you a few milliseconds on your ping (measure of latency used by games.) Still the bottom line is that some games will be playable and others will not. Yo will never see latency under 700ms and, that's just the laws of physics.

Your signal must travel from your dish, to a satellite in geostationary orbit, down to your gateway, to the game server and back again to your dish, the laws of physics mean that takes time, and that means latency.

First person shooter, fast twitch games simply are not going to work well. Some MMORPG games such as Defiance, Rift, Trove LOTR and SWOR do work well enough to play. it's really trial and error to find games that work but, as a general rule first person and fast twitch games are out for satellite ISP users.

Personally I play Rift and Defiance with no problems.
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The problem is your upload speed. The data is probably getting down to your computer quickly enough, but the upload speed is probably not even a tenth of the download speed. I have Verizon's at-home 4G service (free installed cantenna) and it's over 12 mb upload AND download. Maybe you can get a smaller plan and only use it for gaming? 
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Actually, both the upload and download speeds are identical, basic physics, the signals travel at the speed of light. The amount of data transferred per second is what is different, however the amount of data being send when you trigger an action in a game is relatively small. It is the 700 ms or so of the latency of the complete transmission is what makes gaming on satellite connection difficult or even non usable