So glad I didn't switch from my Freedom Plan

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I thought the purpose of the new satellite was to lower the costs of service. I have the old unlimited plan in which I'm paying a little over $100 a month. These new plans are ridiculously more expensive and reading from the community, very and I do mean very unreliable. I'm glad I never made that switch when they were offering new plans. My service works as advertised. My speeds rarely fall below 15 to 20mb. Sometimes it's as high as 50mb. 150 gigs per month plus no limit on my video veiwing options, don't have to worry about getting pushed behind when I exceed 60 gigs in a month, speeds are as mentioned, connectivity is constant, no issues with wifi, and overall, I'm a pretty satisfied customer.

I also have AT&T fixed internet that I was going to replace Viasat with. It has been a nightmare because it was just launched earlier this year. I took a chance on it but I never canceled my Viasat subscription. AT&T service is slowly getting better but for 170 gigs a month for $50 isn't bad at all plus $10 for an additional 50 gigs if I go over isn't bad at all. I guess that I will continue to keep them both. From what I've read in this forum, my 2nd option for internet isn't as bad as I additional thought.  
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I agree. Freedom is a darn good plan that puts no restriction on video resolution and provides a relatively generous amount of data. Just stay within the 150GB limit and it is superior to any mislabeled "unlimited" plan there is.
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I agree, too, Keith.  I've sat tight with my 150 G plan.  I've been invited to move to the new satellite, but just didn't feel good about it.  No complaints here so why change?  Where some people complain about a breeze moving their dish, we have 40-50 mile winds at times and we're still in alignment.  Has to be a real good rain storm to get any interference and my dish is on a pole so I can keep it snow free in the winter.  Not sure what most folks' problems are.  Too much time on their hands?  Maybe I'm just in a sweet spot. 
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You said "for 170 gigs a month for $50 isn't bad at all plus $10 for an additional 50 gigs if I go over isn't bad at all."
You have got to be kidding me. For the same $50/month, I get 12gb and each additional $10 buys only 1 extra Gb.
Where do you live and what beam are you on. I may want to move there.
I had no idea there was such a huge variation in price per monthly gigabit.
Viasat might be selling to you at a loss.
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Keith's referring to his AT&T Fixed Wireless plan - limited availability. Sounds like he also has a grandfathered Viasat Freedom plan (not all of us were fortunate enough to have that option either and it's long gone now). 
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We also have Freedom 12 that promised download speeds "up to" 12 Mbps. Initially it did reach 12 Mbps, but lately it has been ~4Mbps during the day (fine) and 0.5 Mbps in the evening (unusable). There must be too many subscribers using the satellite? (We are in California, and the fact that speeds shot up to 12 Mbps during the recent California power outages supports this). Spounds like the new plans aren't any better?
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Keith vanished over a year ago so you don't know if Viasat put the screws to him like they have done to others on 150 GB plans.

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