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If you take a moment and read my post from last month you will see our slow speed problem has been going on since the beginning of April.  Last month the issue was escalated (thanks for trying) but the engineers attempted to reboot my modem during a thunderstorm. I didn't know until after the fact. I requested they try again but no one ever contacted me.
I purposely used all my monthly data last month hoping this would force a throttle reset on Exede's end at the start of the new period. It did not help. So here we are ten weeks or so down the road and still running at 0.25 mb/s download speed.  

The bright side is this weekend the modem began flashing three lights all the time - even when no computer is powered on. This is new and hopefully helps resolve this problem. Yes I have tried rebooting the modem again and again and again. Please don't ask me to do it again. Until now everything has always checked normal on our end (an onsite tech visit confirms this fact - check the records) and viewing the modem and tria status through a browser shows the Rx SNR is 8.9. Everything else is green and connection reads good. By the way it still shows no issue even though the lights are flashing. 

At this point I just want this fixed but honestly we have been paying an awful lot for dial up.

PS: Your forum software leaves a lot to be desired. Figuring out how to post isn't intuitive and had I not typed this post in word first - I would have had to typed it twice. I would have been a lot grumpier then.
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Same issue. I am a long term user and have been having problems for days. Many calls and trouble tickets. Now my modem is turning itself off and on this has happened three times in just a short while. Now the tech is saying my modem needs to be replaced. So the upshot of this is Exede won't do anything about the faulty modem unless I do some sort of service contract which will up my monthly bill by close to $6 a month or else pay a $95 service fee. This is so wrong on so many levels. The modem is Exede's equipment and they will not take care of their own equipment without extra charge to the customer? I pay a monthly bill that is barely affordable for me now and can't add any more frills. I guess this means I pay for service and won't have an internet connection due to this faulty modem?
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R Frederick

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PS - I don't really think the modem is faulty I think it is something on Exede's end. When I look at things via as well as my eSVT things look fine. Now that I am no longer trying to use LNZ I am not having the same issues.
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Hello Red Shirt, 

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. We're very concerned that you're having service speed issues. This certainly is not the experience we want you to have. Please allow us to review your account and see if we can correct your speeds. Please send us your account and contact info to 
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Hello, Having the same issues here in Maryland 21136. Where are you located?? Might help determin if a regional issue etc. I have done MANY speed tests and on many different speed test sites and consistantly have .25 MBPS (or less) Sometimes the speed test cant even complete and will give a comunication error!! Presumably meraning there isnt even enough bandwidth to perform the online speed test function. We are suposed to be getting 1-5 MBPS after 10 GB used and "up to" 12 MBPS for the first 10 GB of the month. These slow speeds have been slow no matter if on Premium GBs or non premium GBs. I contacted Exede and all I get in return is how to restart modem (duh) I have technical background so this is no brainer and have done so hundreds of times to no effect. The other response from Exede was you must be on your liberty plan date of which I was not and specified such in my comunications with them. No solutions offered other than the obvious is very dissapointing. They take my Pmt. on exactly the same time each month they get that right but when comes to giving customers what they areactualy paying for they dont care like so many other companies. Anyone have any real and valid solutions or suggestions for a fix? Next step is to have dish checked for proper alignment however been told by Tech its either on or off no inbetween. thanks !!
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I am on the Evolution Plan and am in Southern CA. I am connect directly from the modem to my computer and am not using the router to check out things. This morning I tried running a couple of different speed tests. Numerous times they couldn't complete and the modem was shutting off. Some of the time the tests were working - I was seeing wildly fluctuating download speeds from 1.4 through 1.7 to 17 or 18. Upload speeds were relatively consistent although one time it dropped to 1.2. I began trying to download a file I needed for a class and the download was jumping from taking 11 minutes initially to 3 hrs 29 minutes, back and forth, back and forth. This has been going on for days. Often the download fails. Most of the techs I have had trying to help seem to be doing the best they can but I really don't think they are always that well informed so it is like they are working with one hand behind their back. I am beginning to feel like a chronic complainer and that doesn't make me happy. Most generally I am perfectly satisfied with my service but lately attempting to download has been a disaster. It really is a problem when attempting to do a major system update. I had to drive over an hour to take my computer to the closest Apple Store to have my OS updated because it was impossible to do as Exede recommends - during the LNZ.
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same problems here also for several months, always saying a maintence duering late nite free zone, but everything shows up green and sometimes they say there is no problem but definitely is on their end, no amount of rebooting helps this.
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I am having very slow speed issues (Central Texas) -- paying for 25MG on download and getting consistently 1.6 to 5 -- I have had problems off and on ever since the new modem was put in;but it is getting worse.  Yes, I show plenty of data on the plan; I have re-booted modem and computer several times.  Sometimes the modem takes 5 to 15 minutes to come back on to the blue light.  The weather has been great -- sunny and clear.  I think I am getting all my data used up with speed tests and trying to communicate with Excede!