Slow speeds for over a week...getting ready to cancel.

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I have been experiencing slow speeds for over a week now. Usually I got around 12Mbps down, for the past week it's been around 3Mbps (when I'm lucky).

Called tech support and they were swearing it was my router, even when the router wasn't plugged in. So I decided to change my plan. I upgraded to the 24Mbps plan, but I am still only getting around 3Mbps when I'm lucky.

They tried telling me that this is normal during "peak hours", however I have tried it at 3am, 7am, 1pm, and 6pm and every time I run a speed test it's always the same thing.

I am at the point that I'm about to just get a mobile hotspot and cancel this service, since on my phone I usually get around 6-7Mbps.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Called in again last night and got the usual script...followed through with them, and eventually got put on hold and they hung up on me.

Called again today and got the script...followed through with them...they had me run speed test after speed test on different sites, and they all reported the same.  I got told that it looks good from their end.  That's great for them but does not help me any.

Had me reboot the modem, the computer, and run more speedtests.  Then had me clear the browser history and cache and run the speedtests again.  Still no change.  How many dang tests do I have to run to prove that it's not on my end!  Why don't you guys get someone to actually look into this rather than following some script!?

After everything I get told...guess what....peak HOURS!!   All due to peak hours that my 24Mbps speed is only 2 (+/- 1)Mbps.        I'm fed up.  If this isn't figured out by the time I get off work monday, they will be losing a 4yr customer permanently. 
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I responded to your comment in another thread.  Just in case you missed it, here it is again!

When we run speed tests from our side, we get the results directly from your modem.  So, up to your modem, the speed is 19 Mbps (or whatever speed Care reports).  Somewhere after that point is where the slowdown is happening.  It could easily be the connection point on the modem, or the router side (if it's the wifi modem).  Or it could be anything past that, starting with the Ethernet cable connected to your computer.  

If you've exhausted all the troubleshooting that we're able to do over phone/chat/email, I'd suggest getting a service call built and a tech out.  Swap the modem and see if that fixes it.  

Sign up for easycare, which will save you from the $95 service call charge.

If you'd like us to look into your issue before ordering the service call, email us your info at
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The modem has already been swapped out, and have tried both with wired (with multiple wires) and wireless connection on 6 different devices...always reads the same.   

So basically the issue is definitely not with my devices, nor is it with my router (considering that I don't even have one now as it's all in the modem).  And now you're saying that I have to sign up for an additional service with Exede to keep from being charged a $95 fee to fix a problem that is caused by Exede.  

Honestly, does this make any sense at all to you?

To spell it all out, I have tested:
-The wired connection with exactly 6 different wires, with exactly 3 different devices (Total of 18 tests).
-The wireless connection with exactly 6 devices (Total of 6 tests)

So that is 24 speed tests I have done myself without being on the phone with a Tech Support Rep.   Then on top of it, I have restarted all devices countless times,  restarted the modem at least 8 times then I got a new modem and conducted all the same tests on the new modem with the same results.  And now I have to pay Exede to figure out what is going wrong with Exede?    Sounds awfully fishy to me.
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If you haven't emailed as suggested by Matt, you may want to do so. That will bypass the normal customer support channels where they'll take a look at your issue and advise. Include your account and contact info with that email, since your login ionformation here isn't tied to your actual Exede account.

That would be your best bet now since this isn't really a direct support forum but more of a customer-to-customer self help forum. From that perspective, what speed test site are you using? I also assume you are usijng the Exede WiFi modem (combination modem, voice adapter and router).