Slow remote access using Static (Exede's Persistent) Public IP Address

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I have a Exede Business account whereby Exede assigns a Persistent (Similar to Public Static) IP Address for remote access.

Up until several weeks ago, I would get speeds of +4Mbps (Yippy!) remote download (which from perspective of Exede Dish & Modem would be an upload).  Even in bad weather, thunderstorms with rain and hail, I would get speeds near 3Mbps.  (Very Impressive).

However, now I am seeing remote download (Exede Dish & Modem Upload) speeds in 1.2Mbps as maximum (sometimes as slow as 0.7Mbps).

Speed tests run from local location of Exede Dish & Modem have shown an unusual sluggish start.  Sometimes local testing shows both download and upload speeds to be in bursts, with brief periods of stalls or very slow speeds.

Numerous calls to Exede business support has resulted in a few minor problems being found, but no resolution to really issue of slow remote access via Persistent Public IP Address.  Exede support says I am getting full speeds and problem is with local router.

However, testing through local router's WAN port shows it providing speeds well beyond Upload and double Exede's download speeds.  Further testing using a Cellular modem for remote access in place of Exede modem gives upload (remote download) speed of +5.5Mbps.

Testing has revealed one other point of interest.
I can establish three separate streams for remote download (Exede Dish & Modem Upload) and each stream gets right at 1Mbps, for combine total of 3Mbps.  If I cut streams back to two, both streams get roughly 1.2Mbps, for combine total of 2.4Mbps.
If three streams get 3Mbps - one stream should get 3Mbps (or better because of issues with traffic overhead per stream).  None the less, I was seeing +4Mbps.

Remote access speeds I am getting are so slow as to appear that I have been switched to regular (non-business) Exede account.   I should add, Upload speeds (Exede Dish & Modem Download) speeds are also slowed down.  In theory, remote connections upload speed would be limit (which is 5.3Mbps) being (Exede Dish & Modem Download speed should be 12Mbps).  But testing is showing remote upload speeds limited to 1.5Mbps (one third of what it should be). 

I have done remote testing with two different ISPs.  Several times verifying ISPs being used for remote access were not cause of slow downloads.

Based on above, what it appears to me, and networking person I consulted with. is somehow my account's Persistent IP address is now being limited (throttled) on a per session basis to download speed of 1.2Mbps and upload speed of 1.5Mbps.

Does anybody have any experience with such a problem?  (Sudden drastic cut in remote access speeds.)

How do I get Exede's support to understand that issue is not one of Exede Dish & Modem or my router?  (That problem lies when connecting remotely via Persistent Public IP Address).

Or put another way - How do I get Exede Support to test through Persistent IP Address?  (Being the recent cut in speeds is not showing up when Exede test internally using MAC address of Exede Dish & Modem.)
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