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Exede had a power outage in my area early in Nov. After that, my service had slowed and I started having issued connecting to the internet. Sometimes had to try two or three times to bring up a page. Also, my data usage was disappearing much faster than normal. I contacted Exede and they said yes there was an outage. When questioning them on the data usage they gave me links on slow speed articles, page load article. etc. they said at the time that my connection speed was good. They gave me options buy more time, change plans and a few other things. One of them I did not understand and replied back to them to explain that. Got a note that my case was closed. Ordered 1GB and have went through it like ducks through water. During this time I pretty much was shutting my computer down except to do minor things and some of it at the free time.  Called them and the girl checked my usage and said I do not believe what I am seeing. After some comments she made to herself she shared that my problem would require a service call. She said sometimes I had no coverage and other times it was good but there was a lot of little to no coverage. I told her that we could not pay a huge bill to have someone come out. She said the service call was $30. I told her I had service call before and it was much higher. After checking into it she said that the $30 was the Exede fee and an independent contractor that would be used could charge anything they want. So from this I am understanding that I have no idea when they come to my house what my actual total charge will be. How do they base the costs of this and how can I get an estimate on total cost before they come? I know this is long but I am really in need of understanding the issues. Thank you to anyone that can shed a light on this. Not doing me much good to have internet if the data usage is rolling off like this.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I'd suggest locating a local dealer/installer. Go to:

Enter your ZIP Code and call one that's nearby. Generally, those having Elite Dealer status, as shown on the list that appears, are safe bets. Regardless, any of them should have access to the same diagnosis tool used by the phone agents and determine if a service call is warranted or not. If they can't do that (or won't) then I'd keep calling other dealers listed there; and any reputable dealer will gladly answer any questions you have in advance and let you know what charges to expect. .
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Update on my problem.

Still having issues with my internet over a month now closer to a month and a half. Have talked to three different people (Exede media specialists)  and got various opinions with what was going on.
Have sent them pictures of what is going on.

First one told me my internet was connecting well. Good connection speed.
There are times I get a good connection.

Second one told me that there were some big ups and downs in my connection. I am assuming this was like an EKG with peaks and falls and that this needed a service call. Told to contact a dealer in the area to see if they would sign off on a home service call.
Called and they did not want to service me since I had no contract with them.

Third one told me my problem was that I was "dapped" which I learned meant that I had reached the end of my data usage and my speeds were slowed.
Of course, this had been going on since the first part of Nov. so not sure that would have applied.

The other one asked if I was shutting down my modem. Yes, my data was deleting like wildfire so I ended up just unplugging at the end of the day.

I am a week into my new billing period (so not "dapped") and have been limiting my computer use to very little. Shutting down after sending emails, etc.

My speed last night on my connection was
download 4.05, 3.47 and 7.41 (the high)  mbps
upload was 0.09, 0.03 and 0.11 mbps all in that order
The high is shown below from the site.

This was from the speed test that Exede recommends. The test timed out twice (also shown below)

Also still getting messages telling me to check my internet connection
see photo
It took me three tries to get into the forum.Looks like now they do not even want me to sign into the forum.

In addition, still getting from Exede that there is only a $30 service charge to make a house call. Only one person told me that an independent contractor can charge whatever they want in addition to the Exede service charge

The other two are saying just the service call.

Wonder who is going to pay that if there is a huge fee for them to make the call?

I have always been very happy with the service that I had from Exede until now. I feel

I feel like I am paying for the service without getting the service.
Probably no one from here will really be able to help me out but seems that I have been thrown by the wayside by the company, too.

Sorry to go on and on like this but it is very frustrating.
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The normal service call fee when Exede sends someone out is $95. However, they often discount it. If a local dealer services your system for you what you pay them is all you pay. Please share where you live.
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Jim, it use to be a flat $95 but not anymore from what they keep telling me. Some say it is $35 and others say $35 + whatever the service person wants to charge you.

That is what I mean when I say I can't get the same answer from two or more people.

 I signed up with a bundle through DirecTV and no they won't cover it. The only thing I got out of the bundle was a $10 discount.

The local dealers will not deal with me since I did not go through them. I have already tried that route.

I have been trying to get this one response for minutes now. That shows the slowness of my account 

Thank you for your response. 
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My question here is why does one have to pay for service from a lousy service, this is the worst internet I have ever had. I used ti get better internet through the phone company, at least I knew the service was going to be at the speeds they advertise.
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Jeffery, I understand how you might feel that way. My service has been very good until recently. I do think that since we lease the equipment, it should not be up to us to pay to have it fixed. And service calls should be within reason. 
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Hi Nancy,   I know this is frustrating but we do want to help you resolve it. Please put your information in an email to  We'll do additional troubleshooting, if necessary, and discuss the possibility of a service call. Please include your account number and a good contact number.  We're here to help get this issue corrected!
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Diana,I have been in touch with someone named Exede Diana
Exede Social Media Specialist. Not sure that it was you but it is a possibility. Whoever it was assured me that my account was fine. Put the blame on me being at the end of my billing cycle and slow down due to being at my data cap
I replied "I will watch it for awhile and see what happens. Please, do not close this case out on me yet.

 I continued to have issues and replied to Diana  again on 12/16  with the stats on my account at the time which was" Last evening my speed was download 4.54 mbps and upload 1.37 mbps
Emails really slow downloading from time to time, too."

So you are saying I have to start over? 

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I can send you the case number if  you wish. It is hard just getting on this forum at times.