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 I am not much of a complainer. I have had Excede for about 6 months and at first it was great! But the last week or two has been terrible for speeds on this system. I think it is ridiculous. Wondering if I should have stayed with Hughes? It is what it is. BUT I have checked the ViaSat Modem page and I noticed that the RX SNR is about 7.2dB AND on the TRIA status page the Cable Resistance has a RED exclamation mark by it. So is this enough to warrant a service call? If these speeds have anything to do with this I would think so!
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Speed has been slow during the holidays for mostly everyone (increased congestion) and we're all hoping for some relief this week.

The cable resistance may warrant a service call, but for now try powering off the modem, waiting 10 seconds or more, powering back on to see if it has any impact. Pending a response from an Exede moderator here and If easily accessible check all coax connections from the modem all the way to the dish to ensure they're tight (or is that the DIY attenuation fix, I forget and regardless worth a shot).      

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Trying the coax connector is easy and a good place to start. My Exede started quitting after a rain and I found the connectors at the dish full of rusty water. The installer had used connectors without a seal outdoors.
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That's the pit's. Silicone is our friend in this case. Buff the male center copper wire with light sandpaper or even the edge of a knife. The insert into the female end several times to clean and brighten it's insides.

Good, 100% silicone will encase the connection and last a long time.

Glad you have possibly found the problem.

Would you like to leave a review for your installer? ☺☺☺

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Michael, what is the Cable Resistance on the modem status page? This should be 5.0 ohms or less, preferably under 3.0 ohms, depending on the cable length from your modem to your tria? The closer to zero, the better.
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Hi Michael,
Bumping what Lab said. i would try and go through the Exede K girls first. They will contact a tech who can analyze your modem and do some trouble shooting via online.

If you request a service call there will be some cost involved for you. I am not sure if Exede eats the cost if say the modem or the TRIA (receiver/ transmitter) on the dish is replaced.

Also as Lab said, check cable connections and I would add tho check the ground block for the cable,

Hope it helps,
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Michael - Your Rx SNR is adequate for good speeds, but you should do something about the cable resistance.  I take it that it is over 5 Ohms?  You could check to make sure that all of your coax connectors are tight: on the modem, at the grounding block and at the TRIA.  I'm assuming that the Cable Resistance issue is a recent development?  If it has always been like that then you got a bad install.  If your Exede installer used the existing Hughesnet cables, they may not be the correct/approved ones.  
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Hello Michael James,

Please send me an email to with your account and contact information.  I will check your modem status for any issues.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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I unplugged my modem for around 10 seconds. I did a speed test before I did it and I was only getting 2.72 during free time and hardly anything up load, but after I rebooted my modem everything just about tripled. Now that is ok, because I felt like my speed was really getting bad, but its been really cloudy here the last few days. How often should we reboot the modem? Its crazy you have to do this, but it works and I am happy. Do we just do this when we think thing are slowing down? I though I read some where at mid night the modem cycles anyways, but I guess not. I never watched it at midnight to see if it did or not, but that must not do the job the same as a reboot. I am happy with Exede living out in the country, but I would never have it if I lived where I could get cable or DSL.

Sorry Exede, but when you can get 10 or more time the speed of Exede and be unlimited for about half the price, its really a no brainer. But since I cant, Exede is the best. I know you wouldn't think that if you read the postings, but who post good things? And have you looked at the posting on other satellite servers? I am sure you will see the same complaints, or maybe worse. Do they even have one? At least Exede care enough about its customers to allow us to voice our opinion. Plus they have some great employees that comes on here and tries to help you. Kimberly is one I see so much offering help, lately I have seen some new names and giving good advice, like reboot you modem.

Thanks Karmin

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One thing I check when experiencing slower than normal speeds is Health under the Client-Side Proxy Statistics at:

Anything other than Good or a Health displayed in red is a sure sign that I need to reboot (power down, wait 10 seconds or more, power up for those who may be lurking and unfamiliar with the term reboot). For me it's usually a red high open socket count Health indication - not related to Exede but rather unruly web sites. For those note technically inclined for anything on any modem page - green is good, red is bad, and the 4 external blue modem lights flashing in unison is very bad. The first two may be corrected with a reboot (but not always), while the latter will likely require a house call.            

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