Since ViaSat conversion slow expensive service. So SAD as our President is fond of saying

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When I changed over in July 2017 from Hughes Net my download speed with Excede was Amazing... now not so much... before I could download around 19Mps never 25 but I live in boonies so no big.
Now since ViaSat ,the major government provider satellite, I can barely pull 6 Mps. I am so sick of this bait and switch,are there any ideas out there beside make a graven image and pray for fiber optic? And please don't tell me unplug my black box and reboot as I have done that so many times "there are blisters on my fingers". Oh and the get up around 0300 hrs for free download is sure convent also by the by and not a bit faster.
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Posted 4 weeks ago

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Holy fishsticks Batman, I am amazed at the speed I am getting right now, usually this does not happen until around 2-3 in the morning.  It is however more often around 3Mbps or 2 or less than 1 sometimes, more or less (less) like the connection you currently have.  I did call them last week about my slow speeds... maybe they fixed it?...maybe this is just a rare occurrence...


602 ms

19.17 Mbps

1.02 Mbps

2/22/2018 1:51 PM

Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR

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We have the same issue except we switched from Hughes around 5 years ago.  Exede was awesome!  Then it got slower and slower, worse and worse,  and all they said was "must be something wrong on YOUR END" and send a tech out, and charge YOU for it, now all they say is Viasat 2, Viasat 2, wait for Viasat 2.  But in the mean time they are still charging us for "high speed internet" we are NOT RECEIVING!!

I have NO other choice here but satellite.  I REFUSE to go back to Hughes.  I heard something the other day that SpaceX is talking about putting a bird up.  After dealing with Exedes deceptive practices and horrible customer service so long, talk of a new satellite provider has my interest already!
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The same thing happened to me. SpaceX sent some broadband satellites up this past Sunday. I dont know how long before they will starting testing though.
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Don't hold your breath....

"SpaceX now suggests that development of that constellation may take longer than previously planned. A company spokesman said that "we still have considerable technical work ahead of us to design and deploy" a constellation of 4,400 satellites, known as Starlink, and continues to work on technical designs and cost estimates for the system. The company previously indicated it could begin initial service with about 800 satellites in orbit in 2020, but has not disclosed a new schedule for the deployment of the constellation and development of ground terminals. [Wall Street Journal]"
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i honestly empathize with all of you Fortunately for me there is a small company in my area reselling business At&T (4G LTE) lines i'm on a mobile hotspot running off at&t internet getting about 19-23 download with about 2-3 upload but it is lightyears better especially on video streaming
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I have Verizon on my smartphone, but it always bounces between 2-3 bars, so-so speeds less than 1-2Mbps .  If I go into town it goes up to 4 bars and around 20Mbps.  Only helps me when my signal goes out during storms or whatever.
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OK, as a follow up I connect to my emergency land line and call 'John' in technical support and this squeaky wheel is covered with grease. After an internal ie their end, my Mps was 21.1 on the download and 5.1. I should have taken a screen shot of it for posterity because after I reconnected my phone this is my result. Thank you for the comments and concerns I also hope Mr. Musk puts up a competitive bird but I will continue to pray for my fiber optic.
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Mine was just 28 up and three down a minute ago at 5pm eastern.Earlier today it was 38 up and three down so I am not complaining I have the freedom 150 plan and am keeping it.As far as what Elon put up there are some test satellites but they are prototypes of a satellite network for internet he is planning to develop in the future if it is anything like his cars I am interested in what he will have to offer.His cars are wonderful I am in the process of buying one.Hopefully Viasat will offer us some faster stuff with VIaSAT 2 when it is fully operational all over they say up to 50 or more down from what I read.I have been pleased with my satellite it first was 15 up and 2 down then I got the newer modem and got 25up and 3 down now sometimes I am getting closer to 40 during the day at night it drops off a bit to around 18 up.All I can get out here is VIASAT or Hughesnet also but five miles from here there is cable.
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A lot of times slow speeds can be traced back to poor installation of the dish.  Check you speed in the off hours--3-4am to determine a baseline for your service. Then during highly congested times do the same.  At least you may able to determine the source of the slow speed---I'm betting on congestion.  I have the 12Mbs and get 15-20Mbs at 3am but < 3Mbs during the evening hours. I also had Hughesnet prior to Exede--they are all the same, no better or worse IMHO.
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As a follow up to my follow up, if that makes sense, my slow speeds returned with a vengeance the following day with no greater download speeds than 5.9 Mps and up load of less than 2 Mps. I called Tech service and demanded to have a technician come out as I subscribe to 'easy care'. At corporate they pinged my dish and said I should be receiving 38.9 Mps and would have the tech replace the modem router assembly. When he arrived he hard wire connected his lap top to the modem and was receiving 40+Mps, the problem lies in the built in Wifi. It is a POS. I had an old Netgear router left over from Hughes net years. That was plugged in and low and be hold. I got speed. The equipment sent out with Viasat is sub par. I would recommend a Netgear nighthawk system tandem to the Viasat modem/router. POS.  And that is my 2 cents. 
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That is a known issue and has been discussed here many times.
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I think I'm on to finding faster speeds with my (at least 6 years old) old wireless router connected as well.