Silver unlimited after 150 G-

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If you do decide to cut the cord, look into getting the Playon software.  It is able to download shows from Netflix and Amazon for you to view later.

The Liberty Pass is awesome for me outside of primetime.  I consistently get 5 mpbs when my beam isn't congested.  

I have Playon running on a spare laptop that does nothing else but run the Playon software.  I have it set to only download video between the hours of 2am and 4pm (Monday - Friday).  I don't let it run in the evening and I don't let it run on weekends.  Basically I let it run when me and everyone else on my beam is sleeping or at work.

I installed my dedicated Playon laptop two nights ago, but before that I was running it on my work laptop from midnight to 6 am.  Naturally, I couldn't leave it running during the day on my work laptop because I had to bring it with me to work.

So far I have downloaded 65 gb of content this month, on a Liberty 12 plan.  I've got about 50 more shows to download, and once everything I want is on my computer, I plan to use a lot less data.  But for now, this Playon software is working pretty sweet.

People complain a lot about congestion during prime time so I figure this is the best way I can do my little part and help conserve bandwidth.  Because of the Playon software, I have absolutely no need to use data for streaming during prime time and I don't.  I only do basic web browsing during prime time which works out pretty good, even though my speed sometimes drops to 256k.

I forgot to mention that my Playon laptop broadcasts the video to my Roku.  I don't have to sit in front of a computer to watch my saved videos.

So, if you are just looking to stream stuff like Netflix and Amazon, the Playon software can help you cut the cord.  If you are looking to stream live television, then Playon can't help.
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A lot of folks seem to like PlayOn. I personally haven't used it but I can certainly weigh in on the streaming

Some channels have stand-alone apps on streaming devices. For example HBO made the jump to HBONow and with the exception of live shows like Jon Oliver or Real Sports, everything will be available within a few minutes of airtime (for Game of Thrones it typically showed within 4 minutes of the time it would air on cable).

There's been an uptick in streaming TV apps like SlingTV, DirecTVNOW, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Playstation Vue, and I think Comcast just launched one. And these run between $15-$30 (or free if you have a friend with a password) and streams just like a cable/satellite provider but with no agreement and no cable/satellite box. Then there's the usual Netflix, Prime and Hulu which are starting to beef up the orginal content game.  Anyway there's lots of places to look online to compare but on these they WILL be subject to streaming at whatever unlimited plan is optimized for as they are live streaming. Downloads shouldn't be affected because that's not being watched over an internet connection (ie: if you download a digital copy of Spider-man Homecoming in HD you'll get just that)