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Your going to tell me that i have fought all weekend with trying top do something on my computer ? that is takes 94 mins to get a webpage to open ?  I am so frustrated right now with your service that we are supose to have and don't have, tired of the same answers all the time, Oh it's an outage from one person for 4 days I got that, then one says Oh we haven't had any outages.  You ask how I am connected, I have connected thru the router YOU sent me direct via ethernet to a desktop computer. No wireless anything, the printer is connected via usb.  I get same answers all the time, you want me to upgrade to a package with more data. I am paying you $91 a month now for 12 gig that lasts 2 days.  I am senior citizen (71) and on Temporary disablity and YOU want me to pay more ?  I don't feel that any of us that are using your services is getting what we are paying for, what we are promised, You contracted to us to give us good service.  Actually we aren't getting any service.   I call everyday asking, I call everynight asking why can't  I connect ? why is the internet down ?  You treat us like we have no other options, but we do. I will never refer your service to anyone anymore.....  not when I get this treatment and others I see getting the same crap from you all.  Don't give us answers you think will appease us, Fix the bloody thing. Give us our service we pay for.
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Darlene Wells

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  • really postal right now.

Posted 4 years ago

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Darlene Wells

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The title of my post was It's a Joke, but I see the admins didn't like that and edited it. This morning when it is supose to be my "fast" time took 25 mins for my banking page to come up.    This is ridiculous... not sure how many others in Exeter have this problem but I am soooo not happy....
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David Childress

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this service sucks big time.  My "fast" data lasts for two or three days with only 2 cell phones using.  Seems that Liberty pass is faster than the two days of "fast" data.  This is like paying for supervision from a probation officer.  You hate every  minute of it but have to pay anyway.
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If YOU use all of your data that is on YOU. You are getting the service you pay for and YOU use all of YOUR data.

When you use all of your data your speeds to get slowed. Even when I am out of data it does not take 94 minutes to load a page, that's just an absurd exaggeration. 

If you're using all of your data in two days maybe you should think about figuring out how to spread that data over a month.

Everyone is on some sort of fixed income, working or not. If you can't afford something maybe you should not have it in the first place.
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i have had the self same problem as Darlene above with long load times without being capped/ Take this page for example. I made a cup of coffee and smoked a cig whilst it loaded. So the lesson is. Don't jump on your betters if you know not what the situation is.
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John - What a crappy answer. I thought this forum was to "help" other Exede users not be downright  ugly to them. Just my opinion of course.
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ummmm just so you know... if ya look closely to his name it DOESNT have the word champion at the end. sooo people who DO have the word champion at the end they are the helpful ones. john is just a member NOT a champion hes just a regular member...
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We all think of John as a Champion in his own way!   I don't think Darlene's post above asking for help.  I think she needed to vent a bit.  Understandable, but hard to help someone if they are convinced they are intentionally being taken by the company.
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A question ....

Do you have the Exede WiFi modem? (that is the one that has the wireless router built in the modem)


Do you have a separate router and modem connected like this?:

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Darlene Wells

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I have the all in one router/modem that Exede sent me, I have the Liberty Pass 12. Wifi yes, but not working on my computer but that another story.....
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Hi Darlene,

I am a Hughesnet user so I don't have that Wifi modem available to me so I could take step by step screenshots.

I am surprised there aren't more experienced Exede users posting here.

In a "normal" router out of the box it has a number of setting set to default values. These settings are such that it will allow the router to allow connections that really should not  be available in everyday operation.

Some examples of this would be:

Guest Accounts

Wireless encryption security.

Those would be the first two things I would address.


If WiFi (the wireless portion of the Modem) is enabled and you are running an open network then anything that comes within wireless range will have free access to your internet connection and hence your data.

Example: If wireless is enabled and encryption is not setup if anyone where to visit and they had a cellphone or other device with them it would connect to your "open network" in flash as that is there preferred method of updates.

This would be something you would not see ... other than your data being used up.

I have read here in the Community that the wifi function can be disabled. If I were you I would make turning off the wireless function of the modem my first priority.

That will slam the door on a large number of potential data leaks.

Lets start with that .......

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Here is the link to the Exede WiFi modem user manual. It is rather brief, nothing like the manuals for the routers that I have.

I do not have the WiFi modem, just the original, so I don't have much that I can add. From the post yesterday from Exede Alex (Employee) it does not appear that the wifi signal can be turned off, although it is possible to disable the SSID  broadcast. Setting up a strong password will stop most outsiders from tapping into your modem.