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Does anybody know the government agency turn excede IN to.. it should be against the law to charge people but they have the audacity to charge and then it not work half the time and then have the gall to tell you you have to pay for someone to come fix their crap I'm appalled and I see there's 4,000 there's got to be something we can do to stop this company from stealing from us I would love to know who the owner of this company is he is a thief and should be put in jail I am also going to contact DirecTV because they bundle with them and they should know the horrendous service horrendous sorry service they have 4 months have been on chatting calling whatever and all they tell me is nothing they can do always ask when my contract is up and I'll tell me in July and I will pay $199 early service disconnection so I have to suffer with these sorry people until I get with HughesNet I have had huge that they are nothing like this I only took this because of Direct TV and DirecTV will be hearing from me too I'm furious I will also be calling Washington Tuesday to find out who overseas these internet companies I refuse to be stolen from one more day
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I would work with your state government first. There's got to be some kind of consumer affairs department at the state level. If they can't help you, they would probably know where to refer you. If you have not been documenting outages and conversations, start immediately doing so. You may have to prove some willful misconduct or some such nonsense.

  I've had Directv since the mid 90's and to the best of my knowledge they only bundle with AT&T who purchased them recently. Good Luck, I hope you get some satisfaction.  
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Not sure if they still are, but last year exede was bundling with direct tv. Not sure why, since the dvr on demand requires a lot of high speed data to work properly.
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Thank you for the information.. I am at my wits end with this company. I will be going to Hughes net or just keep using my Att hot spot..
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well it says in the contract of exede that if you disconnect then youll have to pay an early termaination fee. also your in a 2 year contract with exede. (or maybe its different since my ma and i have dishnetwork and exede and exede voice services.) but also. you can ALWAYS sign up for easycare and you pay like a small itty bitty fee. its only like 5.99 or something like that. also if your family does ANY kind of gaming online then they ALWAYS say itll not work or maybe some itll work but NOT always itll work.

also learn your facts. BEFORE criticizing a company instead of complaining about it -.- also hughesnet also does a credit check. if your credit is good then you wont have to pay for the equipment. IF yall have bad credit then youll have to pay up to about... close to 400 dollars just for the equipment and stuff. so yeah ive called before and multiply times i had to pay up to 400 dollars. but i said oh no thank you ill find a different company.

so yeah... also learn your facts. BEFORE criticizing a company instead of complaining about it -.- 

good day :3
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I can promise you one thing I don't have bad credit and I can get whatever I want whenever I want it but when I'm paying for something it should be working not everyday it's off right after I download or do my work and then I have to re-download it when it comes back on three times that using my gigabyte 3 times because it's their system and it's not just one time it's been doing it for a month but let me tell you one thing if I pay for something and it's not done right you sure we'll hear from me and when I contact you over and over and I don't get something taken care of you can bet you will hear from me I'll tell you again I could get whatever I wanted when I want it and however I wanted it but if I pay for it it better be right. And another thing one month I had paid $300 because I had to keep downloading my work an extra gigabyte so don't come on here and tell me what I can and I can't do if you don't like it don't read it just cuz you are sorry and don't have no credit don't mean everybody else cuz you are the sorry one because you know all the details about no credit you're the problem and you're the reason I have to pay so much because you can't pay for your own so quit telling me what I can and I can't do
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@Michelle A Dudley Barkman

You opened this thread with a question..
Does anybody know the government agency turn excede IN to..
The government agencies that can cause the most damage to ViaSat / exede are the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice. You must have your case prepared to perfection so retain a very competent law firm to make your case.  Hiring a lawyer out of the phone book will only waste your time and money. Go with a legal organization that has experience in these matters and be prepared to pay upwards of $100,000 up-front to get started.

You also asked who owns ViaSat / exede.  It is a publicly traded company.  The Chief Executive Officer is Mark Dankburg.  His office is in Carlsbad California.  You can contact him by email but I won't supply that information here. If you use a good Internet search engine his email address can be found easily.  Good luck with your dispute with exede, a ViaSat company.


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