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When the Via Sat 2 is operational will the equipment that is required be different from the equipment currently being used? Is there a plan for ViaSat3 and what is the time frame. If you get an unlimited plan using Sat 2 will you receive the speed you are paying for or as you add customers will it slow down?
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi Steve,  : Yes, service from ViaSat-2 will require new equipment.However, depending upon your location, the plan you want and some other factors, it may not be necessary for you to switch to the new satellite. In fact, once ViaSat-2 service begins, we expect service levels on ViaSat-1 to improve.
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Doesn't that just mean that eventually the whole system will be juggling more than it can handle instead of only certain areas?
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"seven times the geographic coverage" .... I think they might be counting all of the open  Atlantic Ocean that will be in the footprint of this Sat.
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Airline routes across the Atlantic for sure.
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Or Canada or Central and South America.

But I really hope that is the case.  Very unlikely, because I really doubt that any business, let alone an ISP, would just waste that large of a footprint.  But we can hope.
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Air and sea. Carribean, Atlantic Ocean. I am not sure what the cruise ships use now for internet for their guests, but going to be more bandwidth available soon..
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"Doesn't that just mean that eventually the whole system will be juggling more than it can handle instead of only certain areas?"

No, Viasat will launch another sat in a year or two and then another and so on to keep us customers happy with enough bandwidth.  ( some will never be happy  )

WASHINGTON — To maximize the capacity from its soon-to-launch ViaSat-2 high-throughput  satellite, ViaSat intends to deploy twice as many ground stations as it did for ViaSat-1.

For its forthcoming trio of ViaSat-3-series satellites, ViaSat wants “hundreds of gateways” to ensure sure each satellite is capable of hitting the 1 terabit-per-second throughput benchmark the Carlsbad, California-based operator set last year.
“The [ViaSat-2] gateway antenna is much smaller,” Dankberg said. “All of the ground equipment needed to support it is housed in just two small utility cabinets. There will eventually be more than twice as many gateways for ViaSat-2 than for ViaSat-1, but we can light up the whole satellite with only about half the fully-built quantity.”

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Nobody has answered the question , " will you get the speed you are paying for "  everyone is guessing so I guess ts OK  to give an educated guess , When they first open up Vsat 2 a lot of people will be happy with the performance and probably get very close to the speeds they are paying for , the rest depends on how they manage the system down the road , Right now the service is grossly oversold and Vsat did it to stay ahead of the competition at the users expense.If they do the same it will be a couple years and people will start complaining again as it fills up . They have come a long way in a very short time but  it irritates me that most complaints are met with  "When Vsat 2 comes online "  
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 " will you get the speed you are paying for " 

I very seldom get the speed I am paying for BBwithdrawls. I am on the Freedom 150 - 12 Mbps plan. A few times times a week, during the prime time evening period, I will see speeds of 8 Mbps, but most of the time, I gt speeds in the 14 to 19 Mbps range. 

Beam 314, central New York state.

Any subscribers speed will depend on the network loading at any given time, and how many subscribers are assigned to their beam. In less than two months, Viasat's capacity will be sufficient enough to provide speeds that will shift the gripes on this forum to other subjects.
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" will you get the speed you are paying for "
That statement right there is the issue.  You are paying for internet speeds that a satellite can provide. Speeds will vary hour to hour, day to day and even minute to minute.  If that is not acceptable to people, then they are in for a disappointing experience.  People who run speed tests constantly are not happy customers.  People who just use and enjoy their internet are.
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The thing about internet speed is that it varies. Sometimes that is because of the network of the ISP, sometimes it's due to network congestion (aka when everyone is on and bogs things down), sometimes it could be weather affected, sometimes it could be your equipment from the dish to the device and everything in between. This is why speed is posted as "Up To" as there are a ton of variables that can alter your speeds. 

With that said of course we want you to be around your expected speeds so if you are tanking on speed that's something you need to call us about at 855-463-9333 as you experience it. Keep in mind things like Liberty Pass or going beyond 150GB on Unlimited is subject to slower speeds in peak hours. 

With Viasat 2 releasing shortly we'll start to see congestion lighten up in our more load bearing beams as we'll be able to have it share the workload. We also have plans to do ViaSat 3 by 2020 or so just in time to give ViaSat 2 relief so we have a plan in place. But I think shortly after VS2 we'll see improved speeds in our busier areas