Remote access speed being Throttled per connection

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A few weeks back, there was sudden drop in speeds when connecting Remotely via assigned Persistent IP address (WWW to Satellite Modem onto LAN). The speeds appeared to be cut to between 1/4th & 1/3rd normal.

Testing has shown that a single Remote connection is now being restricted to 1.2 Mbps (sometimes half that) vs. past speed of 4.1 Mbps.

The cut in speeds, (or throttling) appears to be based on a per connection (session) basis. Based on following:
Three simultaneous connections will get combined speed of 3.6 Mbps.
Four simultaneous connections will get combined speed of 4.1 Mbps.
Yet a single connection is limited 1.2 Mbps (or less).

Speed tests run from ISP's being used for Remote access have repeatedly shown ample speeds (in one case over 100Mbps).

Have also seen some strange things when local and connecting out WWW. Whereby Speed tests sometimes fail to run, give very slow speeds on first attempt, or start out very slow, only reaching fastest speeds near very end of test. As if Gateway Satellite is connecting through has problems.

Support says account is not capped. (Although it once was by some mistake or glitch.)

My Questions:
Anyone else seen recent drop in speeds for remote access via their assigned Persistent IP address?

Anyone experienced something similar in the past, whereby remote access speeds are being capped?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Asti,

I think you are going to find the answers you need with our specialized Business support team. They can be reached on any of the methods here
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Thus far, Exede Business support and Exede's NOC (sp?) have not been able to find cause.

I have since tried using common Port of 80 for remote access.  In case the Throttling was being done because Port I was being seen as possible unsavory activity.

Also tried setting up a VPN connection in case the Data and Protocol themselves were triggering Throttling.

Neither helped, same slow speeds between 0.95 Mbps to 1.2 Mbps.
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Try a different NIC.  If you are now using wired, try USB.   leave all settings on default at first.

If you don't really try this solution then it's all on you.
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Before even getting Exede involved, I tried two different NICs (as follows).

iPhone over Wireless (Celluar).
iMac over Cable modem.
Which also resulted in using different ISPs (Cellular & Cable).

Later on, I went back and retested, resulting in four different NICs being used.
Two Different iPhones over Wireless (Cellular)
iPad over Wireless (Cellular)
iMac over Cable modem

I also verified Cellular ISP provider had more than adequate Mbps speed and did same with Cable ISP provider.  I did the verification several times before or after or before and after testing.

FTP testing has shown same problem.  Which is important in that means different Ports being used, different Protocols, and different Data types.

Additionally, I have verified LAN behind Satellite Modem is not the problem.
iPhone and Laptop connected to LAN get full speeds of feeds.

Finally, I have re-verified LAN by temporarily using a Wireless Modem in place of Satellite Modem.  Remote access by iPhone got full speeds of feeds.
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The combined simultaneous remote client connections to your remote server are going to be limited to the Exede Business Plan upload speed (4 Mbps and your tests seem to bear that out with 4 simultaneous connections).

Since you indicated it started a few weeks back, I'd check for an update that may have occurred to the remote services on your machine that may have changed a QoS (quality of service) type setting or the default connection speed behavior (possibly also your router).

It's been quite awhile since I used remote services but the standard used to be that setting a 1.5 Mbps per connection on the server was the optimum speed was common place (of course we had much more than a 4 Mbps up link and many more connections). Some remote clients also allow setting the maximum speed.

With regard to speeds test running locally on your "server", TCP/IP tends to start out slowly and ramp up the speed as the download progresses. Speed tests generally take an average of several different measurement points and speeds at each measurement point vary based on current network conditions. An abnormally false low or high measurement at any measurement point can greatly skew the average result. For example, I frequently encounter an abnormally high measurement (1+ Gbps) at the start of speed tests on while all others are in the 12+ Mbps range yielding an average result of 100 +/- Mbps overall - my reaction of course is no way ;)

From a remote client perspective, upload speeds are more important under normal circumstances unless transferring large files to the server. Obviously, one man's upload is another man's download and vice versa ;)    
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I know its not the router.  Exede's NOC people were adamant about problem being our router despite tests showing it was not. 

Anyway, at quite an expense to me, I needlessly replaced our router with a business level router.  Maybe no difference at all.

Additionally, being that temporarily replacing Exede Satellite Modem with Cellular modem that connected to Router via USB port, the speeds for single connection easily reach 5.5 Mbps - it sure isn't a problem on our LAN side.  Previously, connecting directly to router's WAN port via Laptop had demonstrated that problem was not on our LAN side or router itself.

What ever throttling or limiting of speeds that has been implemented on or slightly before July 15th, is happening through Exede's Network - Gateway or the ISP that links Exede to WWW. 

If it's Exede's ISP, chances are Exede is unaware.  I have seen a case where a Professional Data server company's ISP was throttling traffic going to East Coast servers, but not West Coast servers.  Later, their ISP did West coast.  That is when server company caught on.
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Additional piece of Info.
It appears throttling is also being done based on IP address remote access is being done from.

Two or three connections made from same IP address going to the Business assigned Persistent Public IP Address by Exede - is limited to approximate Total bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps.  The Total bandwidth should be around 4 Mbps.  So for example, with two connections, each would get 2 Mbps.  With three connections each would get 1.33 Mbps.

If Two connections are initially made, and one connection is terminated Speed goes from around 0.7 Mbps to roughly 0.9 Mbps.  Which suggests the throttling for most part continues as if there were still more than one connection.  Being at very least, it should have jumped back to 1.5 Mbps.

Interestingly enough, waiting a few minutes and only one connection is made - Speeds will be around 1.4 Mbps.

Throttling appears to be occurring on a Per Session basis when accessing Business assigned Persistent Public IP Address from different IP addresses.
- and -
Throttling appears to be occurring based on connections made from same IP address to Business assigned Persistent Public IP Address.  This being even worse, since same IP address is being limited to a total of 1.5 Mbps!