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i would like to cancel this service and receive a refund
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Posted 1 year ago

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Aiisha, this is not a direct way to contact Exede. This is a peer to peer (customer to customer) support forum. We can help you with common problems with your service but, to cancel service you will need to call Exede at 855-463-9333.
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This is correct. You'll need to call that number in the reply above as that will be the only way to cancel an account or to handle monetary transactions.

If you have concerns or questions please email us at
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Ok everybody... what should we say??  "Checks' in the mail"
You entered into an agreement with ViaSat for a subscription to this service, an agreement that you accept the conditions of said agreement and will continue said subscription for a minimum of 2 years or pay an early termination fee of $15 for every remaining unfulfilled month of said 2 year agreement you agreed to.   No refunds are given for partial months of service.

(somebody else fill in from here...)
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I'm just glad to see some drama again. I got bored after the last thread was locked.

On a serious note, why does the original poster wish to cancel service?
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i to want to know why they wish to cancel service also :/ but yet... they must know they CANNOT get a refund either... i mean i LOVE my services with exede :3 also not only that... IF they DID there RESEARCH!!! of satillite ISP then they would know... but yet i guess some people dont want to look it up i guess... i mean i already knew what satillite ISP was and didnt need to like look up information at all :3 so i was lucky but now its even better for me :3

i always wonder why people want to cancel there service and get a refund back... WHICH they should know they cannot recieve a refund and so on :/
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Aw crud...  I thought I closed the tab and then left to go chase pigs in my ATV.  I get back here now and see the reply I was was still working on got posted.  I was going to have some fun with this one.  Oh well, too late now, some serious people got here first.  :o(
 @ Deku,

I dunno if I "love" my Exede service, but when honesty is exposed, I really do enjoy   my service... a lot.  I suppose if I lived at a location where Exede was it, (or that other inferior company-NO WAY), I'd be loving  it too.  I live in a area where it is possible to get Internet in other ways, and although a hassle, it can be done.  Lots of mountains here but I don't live at the top of any of them.  I prefer to live down the hill next to the creek.

It is good to hear from someone like you that there truly is  a "shiny side of the coin" when Exede is considered.  Exede as a company has a personality; hopes, dreams, problems, growth and rewards that are all directed to us, the people that prefer to get their Internet from a humble company with great aspirations instead of one that can brag they got where they are today by using stolen technology (from ViaSat).

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@ Stephen Rice,

Drama?  Ok, you beat it out of me so here goes...  I was  going to post this....
ahem........*Craig coughs*

Refund?  You want a refund?    like... money back???
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lol refund? you cant even get them to take a prorate off your bill after you done switched to a different plan