Recent Apple device issues and your data usage

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Hi all. I've noticed a particular issue recently and figured it was worth a post since there are so many current threads about "where did my data go?".
We are an "Apple family" when it comes to phones and tablets. Family of 5 and everyone has at least two devices. Recently I've noticed that Apple products have become more and more glitchy,.....the more they update, the more glitches they introduce. Now how does this have anything to do with data you might ask. One of the BIG issues I've had lately is that iCloud will turn itself on all by itself. I monitor all our devices and so I know for a fact that I have turned it off on all of our devices. Yet, it seems every time I turn around it gets randomly turned on. Auto downloads AND auto updates is also becoming an issue though not as much.

Another issue with Apple products lately is the wifi setting is working like you would expect a super cheap device to. I was at a customer's house yesterday and wanted to test the range on her router she was buying from me and I couldn't get the wifi to turn on. I could turn it on, back out and then go back into wifi settings only to find it turned back off. After multiple resets I finally got it to stay turned on but NOW when I click on the router I want to connect to, it lets me put in the password and click join but then it just spins and spins and never connects.

I mentioned this on a retailer/installer forum as well because I KNOW we are going to start having customers call and demand that we "fix" their router because their Crapple.....I mean Apple devices won't connect.

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Posted 11 months ago

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BTW, I mentioned this thread to my Wife and she brought me my 15 yr old daughter's iPhone and iPod and BOTH of them had the iCloud turned BACK on and auto downloads on her iPod was turned for all 4 categories.
So it seems that Apple is developing Microsoft's can turn something off all you want BUT if THEY want it to be on, they'll simply set the software to turn it back on.

For you Exede employee's who monitor this forum. I would STRONGLY suggest making this information known to the folks who have to field customer calls. I can imagine that part of what they ask a customer is "have you turned off auto updates?" to which a customer will say "yes, that's NOT where the data is going!!" but in fact, it IS most likely where the data is going, because even though the customer DID turn off auto updates, Apple turned right around and turned it back on.

You should have seen the look on my Wife's face when I showed her that auto downloads was turned on the iPod......we JUST gave it to her a couple days ago and she KNOWS and SAW me turn all that mess off after she set it up.

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 I grin as this crapple thing is annoying.
it is easier for me to just turn off the phone as I seldom use it.
and always power it off at night.
 But my guess is since it is battery powered that apple folks might be able to turn it on?
 so far the last few months it seems to stay off and not using its battery power [when off] so at the moment the power "Off" feature on the c apple seems to be cooperating.
 maybe there is an app for this?
another data using thing to add. lol
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Never been a fan of proprietary Apple products. They are over hyped, over rated, and over priced. Androids are not perfect, but at least I have a choice in hardware.

But in general, it is sad that companys like Microsoft and Apple have no consideration for customers with limited data plans
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My iPhone tried that with the last OS update, does it every time. Have to watch apps too, they may ask you to sign in to your Apple account and, in so doing you enable iCloud for that app. Basically, to be safe, check the settings every time you enter your Apple ID and Password and, every time the OS or carrier settings update.

Also, don't confuse the autoupdate button with the allow cellular data use button, auto update can be of and use cellular for updates on - both on that screen do not have to be on. Autoupdate will update every app as soon as an update is available - that can be 40 or 50 a month easily and, many of those over 100 MB, which it only does on WiFi Even 10 a month would use a full GB, so your Apple device might be using 4-5 GB a month or more when you think you turned that off and, did, but an update turned it on again without telling you it was on.
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Very true. Just for kicks I just checked my iPhone apps to see what needed to be updated. I just updated every app on the 6th of this month so we're talking less than two weeks ago. There were 26 apps that have updates available which totaled 1.747 gigs. Now mind you I don't have any of the really large apps or social media apps like Facebook. My apps are boring.....Lowes, Home Depot, Audible, Amazon, Gas Buddy, Youtube, etc. A lot of the social media apps like Facebook are over 200 megs for just that app. A lot of the Disney apps for kids are 300-500 megs.