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In coming here for quite a long time I see over and over posts about data usage and how fast data is used up.  Exede reps and Champions come on here and share about how Exede is a limited resource and things such as Video Streaming and such activities can use up data quite quickly.  Yet go to and 2 of the 3 banner sliders:

1 - "Your home theater will morph into a metroplex. With on-demand movies."
2 - "Your loved ones will appear right before your eyes. With video chatting."

Really?  Given the already obvious confusion and shock many get when finding out data doesn't go as far as they thought it would, does it really make sense to put this out there as 2 of 3 primary reasons to get Exede?

Just pointing out the obvious as to why many new subscribers feel misled.  If this is being put on their website, I am sure that the same is happening with the phone representatives.  Really contradicts some of the things reps and others have said about the way Exede is marketed.  If you are going to push these as reasons for the people to get Exede in big banners on your front page, it would be VERY wise to also include the *Subject to Limitations* or some such statement at the same place to let people know there is a catch to it.

My two cents for what they probably are not worth.....
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Posted 5 years ago

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I've never been to the Exede website. I knew the limitations before I signed up. I also knew the limitations of my geographic predicament.

Brian, I kinda agree with you. I expect that every company "puffs" in advertising but those kinds of statements are going a little beyond the pale. 
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Hello Brian, there are many reasons customers may experience service issues and we hear them all. Sometimes things are loading in the background (FB video, Windows 8 tiles, etc. etc.) that people are unaware of. Sometimes the router is messing up,. People with larger families sometimes don't realize how additional devices and users can add to data consumption (parents often are unaware that their kids are on YouTube all the time, or Skype, or that the PS3 is online, etc.). Sometimes the problem may be on our end, so it's always worth contacting us if you think your data usage isn't adding up properly.

Everyone here on the forum is simply trying to offer their help and experience to clear up all customer issues. Many customers have received advice that led to the resolution of their exact issue. I, as an Exede moderator, am here to help as well and I can always be reached by email at
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My point isn't that data isn't adding up properly it is that Exede is marketing the service it provides as suitable for those particular purposes when anyone who understands data usage and caps can clearly determine it is not.  When an HD movie can eat up several GB of BW it becomes (in my opinion) disingenuous to to say "Your home theater will morph into a metroplex. With on-demand movies." without also giving the caveat that you will need significantly more data than any of the classic plans provides if you intend to use Exede for this purpose outside of the LNFZ.  Same goes for video chatting.  

Sure settings can be modified, but as someone that sees what others are dealing with and hearing from others that I know personally but do not post on this site I feel it is not good to present the service as being suitable for a purpose without giving the couple of caveats about the significant amount of data these services consume.

I just think Exede could be a little more responsible in the way it presents the service and its suitability for particular tasks.  As an IT person, I would NEVER present Exede as an ideal choice for anything requiring significant video chatting or movie watching.  I am posting my opinion in an attempt to help Exede avoid more upset customers.  As a company they can choose to take that opinion and use it or they can choose to toss in the old file 13.... it really doesn't matter to me, but I was just surprised when I saw those points on the site and wanted to point it out to someone.
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Hi Brian, Alex in marketing here. You make a good point, of course, about streaming media and data caps. We were testing some new images on that home-page slider and have since taken those down. We try to be very up-front about data in our sales & marketing messaging to ensure folks know how that all works. Thanks for the note!

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