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I know this issue has been brought up in previous threads, but I would like to continue it.  I am currently on the 10GB/month plan but really require about 15GB MINIMUM (although I still can't stream anything with either).  I contacted an Exede rep back in January.  He claimed that Exede was looking at rolling out plans with larger data caps and cheaper prices in the spring.  As of yet, that hasn't happened.  I know of the Evolution plan, but it's not for me.  As a teacher, I use the majority of my 10GB/month for lesson planning including browsing hundreds of sites, watching and downloading instructional videos, and using other data-consuming on-line resources.  My contract terminates this fall, and I'm contemplating getting a hotspot with my cell company, which is Verizon.  I could save around $15/month.  I am reluctant to do this, however, as I've used a hotspot in the past and know that I will lose some flexibility regarding using different devices.  I (and many other customers) would REALLY like to see higher data caps for lower prices SOON!

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Some areas did get the new liberty play which when you go over your monthly data you get their "liberty pass" which is still a dap mode but more so just slow speeds rather then really being restricted. Now for the rest of us we will have to wait till next fall once the new bird is online and fully operational.
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That next fall is the Fall of 2016, which is what I think you meant.
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Haha yea fall 2016 sorry if that was confusing guess I could have clarified that better.
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The Liberty isn't the same as a dap though.  It's a change in your priority for accessing the internet.  Last month we went over with 10 days remaining and our speed never went down at all, even in the busy evening period.  Keeping in mind of course that it is summer and like us, I assume that many people are not on in the evenings as much as they would be during the winter season.  I am fully expecting that as we get into fall, speeds on the pass will drop at least some.  If they are able to keep the speeds between 1 and 5 most of the time in the evenings it's going to run almost as an unlimited plan.

Now, with that thought in mind though, I also think they will dap someone that tries to abuse the plan by downloading tons of data, or tries to stream constantly in HD.  I believe that also is intended to leave someone with usable Internet.  I think that is more of their "disclaimer" to allow them to deal with a data hog if they need to.  Even my WISP provider has language in their agreement that talks about "abuse of the system".  Basically if we can all recognize that we are not the only one using the connection and not be the data hog this plan is really going to work well.
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I'll lay money that nothing will change with the new satellite except Exede will increase the  number of customers. Exede would have stated the new changes already if there were to be increased data quotas and cheaper rates. They want to make the most money for the buck and keeping quiet now keeps present customers re-upping and increase the signing up of new users, and you can dream all you want and all the champions can look like hero' s pushing dreams and excuses.
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Hello Don, I can understand your input; it’s not a secret that Exede will soon have a new satellite up within the next year or so. We are all looking forward to all the new features to come to make for a better all-around customer experience, whether that will bring new packages, extra space or just better service overall. We are all thrilled to welcome additional features along. This is a highly technological awaited move for Exede and its customers!
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A month ago I upgraded from my old plan (10GB per month with midnight to 5am free time), to the Evolution plan (20GB per month with 3am to 8am free time and unlimited access to web pages and email).  They called me on the phone to let m know it was available to me. I was glad they called, because I had no idea they had new plans.

Why isn't the Evolution plan "for you"?

They also have the Freedom plan at 150GB per month, but that plan doesn't have free time.

I chose the Evolution with free time so I can schedule my back-up to the cloud during the free time. If I need to download something big, I just have to get up and do it before 8am. I don't do movies, download music, or watch many videos. I create a lot of graphics on my PC for my company.  I have backed up over 2TB of graphics on free time over the last year.  I found a perfect back-up (Crash Plan) that I can set specific times for back-up without using bandwidth.

The new Evolution plan does not count web site browsing or emails in your allotted bandwidth. Watching movies, videos, and downloads will count and be metered.

I was one of Wild Blue's first customers.   The new Exede satellite is a life-send. I live in the boonies.

My download speed two minutes ago was 19.23Mbps, and upload was 3.32Mbps. My download speeds are consistently way higher than the advertised 12Mbps.   I build and maintain two websites, and the upload speeds are sufficient for that. I live in northern Minnesota, 150 miles south of the Canadian border.

Years ago I used my Verizon cell phone (unlimited) plan for a while and tethered it to my PC using PDANet to get internet on my PC.  I am on the fringe. PDANet doesn't work anymore with the newest Android OS (Verizon).  As far as I know PDANet hasn't updated (hacked) Verizon's security.  Perhaps there is another app that does work. Verizon has that sewed up, and I haven't figured out how to tether it. My computer doesn't have wireless capabilities,  TP-Link Wireless USB didn't work, so I have had no reason to pay extra to make my phone a hot spot.  If you go the Verizon route, and pay the extra $20 or so per month to make your phone a hot spot, be sure you have the old unlimited plan, or you will run into the same problem with exceeding your bandwidth.

Log into your Exede account and you will see what's available to you.Just click on "change plan" to see what they have in your area.  https://mysso.exede.net/federation/UI/Login

Hope that helps a little bit!

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Hi Jason, I can truly understand your frustration. As Knight Rider
and Steve and Sandy mentioned, when we launch the new satellite in 2016, we
will be looking at new plans. We're always looking to offer plans that
balance our customer's needs with our network's capacity, and appreciate any
feedback you offer. If any new plans or price changes come to your area, we
will certainly let you now. Exede Diana
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Cell phone companies charge about $10 per GB for data use above your monthly plan limits. Most of them ban tethering, including all of the ones with "unlimited" plans, I think.
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We are on Verizon and the plan we are on includes the ability to tether or use our phone as a hot spot as part of the plan.  I think Verizon might be charging $15. per GB if you go over though, we haven't so far because we got the really good deal on 30 GB last fall so it acts as a back up Internet for us but most months we barely use half of the data we have available.  I agree though that the ones with "unlimited" probably do not allow tethering in those plans or everyone would be switching to those ;)
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Thanks to everyone for all of the helpful replies and information.  Though I'm glad Exede is rolling out a new satellite with some possible benefits in the fall of 2016, that's more than a year away.  My contract terminates this fall, so I may begin examining other options. With all of the cell phone companies waging war against each other, I believe it's only a matter of time before they begin offering hotspots with higher data caps and more reasonable prices than what Exede is currently offering.  With my I-phone through Verizon, my internet speed is 2-3 times higher that it is with Exede.  I can hardly watch a Youtube video (or any video) on my phone while connected to Exede without it buffering for several minutes.  Not trying to begin another discussion, just encouraging Exede to begin becoming more competitive with pricing and data caps before they start losing customers to cellphone companies.

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Hi Jason, I'm not sure of your location, but if you're open to it, I'd consider switching wireless carriers.  I'll explain why momentarily...  My wife and I have been using Exede since last November.  It was right around Thanksgiving if my memory serves me rightly.  I was definitely thankful to drop my previous ISP... but that's a whole other posting.

At any rate, we have the Exede Classic 10GB per month.  We both work full time.  Additionally, I am also a full time student (online) and my wife has a business that she runs (95% online).  We used to ping our limit within the last few days of the month.  However, things have changed.

We have T-mobile and their LTE came online in our area back in the spring.  We have unlimited LTE data and we'll use our phones for simple searches, videos, etc...  If more productivity is required, we'll use one of the computers.  The cool thing is that using our phones now saves a ton of data.  In more ways than one.  On many of T-mobiles data plans, you get (USB or wireless) tethering for no additional charge.  They just limit the amount of data you can tether with.  My wife and I have a limit of 7GB each.  It works the same way as Exede, though.  Once you hit the cap, you can still use it... you just probably will not want to do this.  

So, now we essentially have 24GB of high speed data per month without an increase in any of our bills. :)  Just some food for thought.

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That's a really good tip, Dalen.

Let me add one that's somewhat related for those who may not have cell access/signal at home.

Nearly all browsers allow you to switch their user agent string which for many sites will determines how they render the page, When in a pinch for data or approaching the limit, it's possible to change the user agent string in the browser to give the appearance you're using a mobile device. Although infrequent, I'll use this when short on data at the end of them month since no cell service at home, and have found that the Windows 8 phone user agent string works fairly well and sites that detect your using a mobile browser serve up less resource intensive pages.

More info available at:


Once changed simply resize your browser to about the form factor of a smartphone and it's really quite usable. Although intended as a developer tool, this is one you can try at home and the more I use it the more I like it as the sites are less cluttered and bloated, thinking I'm using a smart phone on a metered data plan.

P.S. Firefox users will find it easier to simply use the User Agent Switcher extension.  

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