Quicken's Latest Update May Burn Your Time Up!

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If you are a Quicken user be aware there are some real problems with their latest updates that may be causing problems which could eat your time up.

I use Quicken for Mac and earlier in the week they had an upgrade. Turns out it was buggy and last night they issued another upgrade which in my case only made the problem as bad or worse.

I have never had a problem with Quicken sucking up my internet time but I think that could be what happened this morning as well as earlier in the week. My cycle with Exede just refreshed this morning. I checked my usage meter before trying to fix the problem I was having with the new version of Quicken - the meter read 0. Quicken now has a mobile syncing thing that I absolutely do not want to use so I turned it off a couple of days ago.

This morning I was on the phone with a tech support person with Quicken and I could see that it was syncing even though I had that turned off - by then it had loaded over 500 files according to the status popup. The support person said "no" it should not happen because it is turned off. We had gone through my preference settings when we began our conversation so she knew if should not be syncing. I reached over and unplugged my wi-fi and bam it quit loading and gave an error window that said the load had failed because of no internet service. The tech service person was still on the phone when this happened and then while she was still there I went to my usage meter, and what the hey, 10% of my data was gone - it had been 0 before this happened. A support person on the Quicken forum website says that they are changing servers and even if we try to revert to the old version that when the change takes place in full users will not be able to download from their banks. I did successful switch back to the older version and populated it with a backup made prior to the so called upgrade. Sounds like it will only work on a temporary basis though. I am fit to be tied because I always try to be careful about usage. Needless to say I will be looking for a different banking app unless they get this fixed and fast.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi R Frederick,  Thanks for sharing the information, especially about the data was used so quickly.  
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I tried Quicken a few years back, but never really did anything with it. Every time I think I want to try it again, I decide against it after reading customer's reviews.  Thank you for this one!  I hope your post gets spread around.  Thank you for taking the time to keep us satellite users informed.
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Same with Windows 10 update. Disastrous. But use the late night after hours service with X when Streaming time is free.
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Thanks Hal but no point in my doing that if it is still a fouled up mess. Also if one needs to consult with a Tech Support person that probably won't be possible during those hours. Don't know if you have read the Quicken Forum but so many people have had accounts just disappear with this latest update. Mine from the update is pretty much a mess so I have abandoned it in favor of using the older version with a backup from before the upgrades on a second computer. Others are now doing the same. Once it seems things may have stabilized or Quicken has backed off their from sync or else posture I will experiment during the free zone to see if I can get it working. As mentioned above, I have Quicken on two different computers right now which is probably a good thing so that I can safely experiment later if I decide I want to do that. That way no risk messing up the "good" copy by getting the two confused in any way.
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Also someone has suggested trying the suggestion below. I would only attempt this during the free zone not during regular hours. This will not work if one's banking institution does not allow DIRECT ACCESS so I am out of luck.


How do I tell this latest version of Quicken for Mac 2.6 that I have no interest in syncing to a mobile device? Tried preferences.

Here is the procedure I used to work around this problem. I agree this update is a FUBAR!

1. Right-click on the account name and choose EDIT.
2. Click the TROUBLESHOOTING button.
3. Deactivate Downloads
4. Open Quicken Preferences form the Quicken menu.
5. Click Mobile and Alerts.
6. Turn off Mobile Access
7. Click the ACCOUNTS button
8. Uncheck the SYNC column for the account you are working on. (all that are still Quicken Connect are grayed out.)
9. Close the Preferences window.
10. Right-click on account and re-setup  your account using DIRECT CONNECT.

These steps worked on every account I have and they all started working again!