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I currently have ATT DSL. I pay $50 per month for 1.5mbps, but I usually only get .75mbps. This is my only option other than satellite. I am seriously considering switching to the Bronze ($70) or Silver ($100) unlimited plan. It appears I would be in beam 326. My questions are: 1. Does anyone actually get decent speeds in the evening, or should I count on slow speeds during peak times? If so, how slow- less than 5mbps, less than 1mbps? 2. How much does the weather effect service? Will I lose service in rain or snow? Cloudy days? 3. Should I wait until the new ViaSat 2 plans are out, or do I risk not getting the unlimited plans that are available right now? We watch a lot of Netflix, albeit at very poor quality, so the unlimited data is a must have.
Overall, do you think I’ll be happier with Exede than with the super-slow ATT?
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I have the silver Plan and My speeds are 12 or higher during peak hours But speeds will not get over 19 mbps until viasat2 is ready! You will lose service If its raining hard or if there is a heavy storm just to the south of you blocking signal But usually when you lose service its not out long! so Yeah if your getting those speeds with at&t I would suggest switching! as of 4:30 PM EST my download speed is 17.55 and upload is 2.97
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The other question is.. How long will Exede be suffering congestion?  When will we see speeds as fast as we have the money to buy, and actually get that speed?

This picture is posted elsewhere but here it is...  The timeline...

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I would wait for Viasat-2. Otherwise you are going to get all this equipment you might want to swap out in less than 3 months. Don't worry. Unlimited will still be there with Viasat-2, and with better plans. But it is your money, so ultimately up to you whether you hang on for a few more months before you switch.
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Kelly, at this point I'd agree with VetranSatUser - hold out with AT&T for three or four more months. Last year, I would have said, get that dish ASAP but, right now, hold on for Viasat 2. I think you will find it's worth a few more months of AT&T to get what will be offered then.

Yes, you would see better speeds even now but, you would also face times of potential congestion on you beam now and i a few months have VS1 equipment when, waiting will let you jump right on to VS2 with the new equipment that requires.
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Thank you for the responses. I’ve decided to switch to the Silver unlimited plan. I do have two more questions: do you think we will get to keep the unlimited plan as is if I sign up now? Do you think there will be better/less expensive plans only offered to new customers once Viasat 2 is ready? I’m anxious for better internet, but don’t want to jump the gun!
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Yes I think you can keep whatever plan you have. Exede hasn’t forced anyone to change plans unless you move or suspend service.

I think ViaSat 2 will come with better plans. Wouldn’t count on cheaper, but better value is pretty likely.

New customers sometimes get a small discount for a few months, but plans are the same for everyone.