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I am 8 days into my cycle and have already used 7GB? I do not stream movies and am really uncertain how this can be accurate.
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#1:  If you are using Windows 10, you are probably being used as a mule by Microsoft to distribute Windows 10 updates around the world.
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Is there a way to stop this?
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welcome to exede .lol . this has been an ongoing issues since the days of wildblue . use windows 7 and you will still hear the windows 10 update excuse. sorry but that is the truth
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Contact your local FBI, they will tell you all about it....James is always good for a laugh.

"I know an elderly lady rite now that has plenty of proof. her modem has been unplugged for 6months and when it is checked from the dashboard every month the data is still being used. more people have solid proof than you might think. and her installer is also helping her prove this and the modem is in custodey of the local fbi so that there is no way it can be being used at her residence .and yes they check her dashboard also and see her data has been gone every month even while they had the modem at the local office."
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Really there is no excuse not to figure out where your data is going if you have ongoing problems.  Lots of ways to monitor it.  I've never had an issue except this month where the dashboard is .5 GB different than text usage.  My suspicion is the difference comes from liberty pass use before switching plans.  It's remained consistent all month.  If you are "losing" more than 5 GB per month and don't have a clue where it is going, you should do some research on ways to monitor data usage.
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I think viasat Exede sucks, When I quit my other satellite system and came here I had good speed and data @10 GB
never ran out for the first year, then it all when belly up
I switched E-10 it was just like the first time I came here.
But now I am at 46% and still have 21 days to go. My neighbor down the road quit Exede and went to T-mobile
he is happy. I think that might be the way to go I am going to check into it
Richard A Neubauer
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As Bradley suggests, monitor your own data - preferably at the router level which will catch all device traffic. Many of us do, yet none of us really been able to document any significant discrepancy betwen our router's statistics and the Exede usage count.

I had one minor discrepancy about 4 years ago that was in fact documented fully but it was a minor one. Others have claimed a discrepancy between their router and the Exede usage counter but never provided any documentation in the form of screen captures. Even those discrepancies may be explained. Note the following disclaimer from my router's (ASUS RT-AC3200) traffic monitor page (click on it to enlarge):

It explains why none of my wired traffic was being reported on that page during setup when I opt for a wired connection but rest assured the software updates I performed were being counted by Exede during that period - rather than disabling a feature I actually want, I'll avoid use of wired connections and stick with wireless anyway.

Monitoring my own data allows me to eliminate the bloat found on most web sites today (to eliminate it you must first identify it), never really go over on a 12 GB Liberty plan except intentionally, and elimination of the bloat actually helps to have a better web browser experience overall including performance. The bloat just clogs the arteries... while you may not have modified your brosing habits since first getting Exede, you can rest assured web sites have modified the way they deliver data to you without no regard for your data cap.

Not trying to dissuade you from TMobile - I'd consider it too if I had a strong enough signal - but I'd also take a close look at their fine print before switching