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Hello! So for the past hour or so my Viasat WiFi Gateway has had a solid purple light and had had no internet connection for wired and wireless connection. Is there any reason this is happening and is there any way I can fix it? Thank you in advance.

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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Saoon

That's probably a pulsing blue light which means the modem is updating software. If this continues for more than 2-3 hours please call our team at 855-463-9333
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It is not a pulsing blue light. It is a solid purple light as indicated in the router manual. Any known fixes? Any other info I can provide. Have had issue past two days. 
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My Viasat WiFi Gateway has been stuck at purple for about an hour. Both wired and wireless connections don’t work and I’ve already tried restarting once. Is there any reason why this is happening and is there any way I can fix it? Thank you in advance.
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I did yes. Frontier's modems kept screwing up, and it grew old. The satellite speed wise is much, MUCH better. But the kids can't game online as good.
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Nope. Speed isn't everything. You have to look at latency and volume of data.

Viasat might deliver 10Mbps and your DSL might deliver just 1.5Mbps, but depending on your application, DSL is still the better service to have.
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I've been switching back/forth between low latency Cellular and high latency satellite.

Cellular can be fast on some things, but very similar to satellite on others.  Viasat bundles up the web page, whereas with Cellular, each element must be fetched.

Few people use Usenet, but with Cellular on UDP traffic, its fast, whereas satellite takes a moment to deliver....several seconds, vs about now its here.

I haven't tried Viasat's web browser, but if it prevents ads/etc from being fetched, it then might fetch pages faster on Cellular.

Imho, a 5 to 7 Mbps low latency (consistent speed) DSL would be more ideal.  1.5Mbps would have buffering/etc.

Viasat's fetching tech does make a big difference.
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i’ve let mine go for about 8 hours and it still is purple. please helllppppp
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Have you tried to remove the power plug from the wall socket for a minute or two, then plug back in?

Also, it appears from the picture that your modem in on the carpeted floor. This can cause poor airflow through the modem, necessary for proper cooling of the electronics inside. From the operating manual, "Place the Viasat WiFi Gateway on a hard surface. Soft surfaces like a rug or carpet may block ventilation to the unit."