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Please provide a means of blocking specific IP addresses/domains. Top on my list is the Apple updater for iOS. It seems to be nearly impossible to consistently prevent iOS devices from downloading updates, which can be 1GB or more. The best solution is to block access to the updater website.

Even if Viasat/Exede can't make this a user feature for any website, surely there are some top websites you could offer for user selection.

And yes, if I want to run DD_WRT on my router I could do this on my own, but it seems like an obvious feature for Viasat to offer.

Other sites I'm sure at least some people would want to block:
Any streaming video service such as Netflix, Hulu, ...
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Posted 3 years ago

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Excellent question!!! Why are we not able to block sites we find offensive??
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ViaSat needs to bite the bullet and contract with ASUS to supply their routers for customers, much like T-Mobile did

A ViaSat version could be produced.  I have one of these routers but it's not the T-Mobile version, it's a standard ASUS RT-AC68U.  This router can block access to any domain and it's variants.  When upgraded to the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware it becomes an amazing network brain.  With this router one no longer needs the Exede dashboard to tell them their data usage.

How about it Exede, care to go "all-out" and put router complaints to rest?
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I just upgraded to a new plan and got a new modem with the integrated WiFi. (To a RM-5110 from a RM-4100) It does have the ability to do parental blocking even with scheduling, etc... 
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Hello NewMexicoMountains, This is not an network issue.There are settings within your devices devicesthat can be set up to block specific websites and prevent auto updates.  
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Not sure what you mean by "not a network issue", not that I claimed it was. Exede is an ISP. ISPs provide services, not raw connectivity. Exede and Hughes are different from other ISPs by the nature of the system design, and therefore their customers have different needs than those on terrestrial internet systems. Furthermore, they serve comparatively small populations whose unique needs are not addressed in the general market. For example, Viasat is developing it's own browser to provide a better browsing experience. However, if we are to accept your comment as having any meaning, then I would certainly reply that the browsing experience is "not a network issue" and thus ask why Viasat is working in this domain.

Yes, I can make settings on my iPhone to prevent automatic downloads. In fact, I have. And it will work until some new release of iOS in which Apple decides to create new policies about defaults and downloads, and then I'll get burned when it downloads some massive update. And I don't know about you, but I allow guests in my house to use my WiFi. So perhaps someone is visiting for a few days and connects their iPhone to my WiFi so they can get iMessages. (I hope it's not a surprise that people who need satellite internet don't have cellular service.) Am I supposed to check the settings on their phone before I let them connect?

It all comes back to "service". Does Viasat want to help it's customers, or is it happy to have pissed off customers when they can't figure out why their data quota has blown through? At least for now you don't have much competition. But change is coming with LEO constellations. Do you want customers happy with their past treatment, or just waiting for the first alternative to come along so they can run like hell from you?