Problems with Exede Customer Service Representatives

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I’m going to start by saying that we have never dealt
with a company as bad as Exede. A Sales Representative from Direct TV & AT&T knocked at our door on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 who promised us to give us the best internet service ever; it was going to be great, fast and affordable. His name is Nicholas Ricciardone, calls himself: I’m sure guy! LLC, CE Retailer/Authorized Dealer for DIRECTV and AT&T Wireless! Along with Vivint SmartHome Security and  Exede internet. Phone Number (603) 913-7486.

The way he presented everything was: we will sign up with Direct TV and Exede and the services were going to be great, we will have to have both services attach in order to save money and because we don’t use the internet for gaming we were not going to have any problems.

The internet service was installed on Sunday, August 6, 2017. The guy who came to do the installation, made holes in our house in order to run the cables for the internet, we were not aware of this process. Direct TV was already installed and that night when we tried to watch a movie it had a message saying we couldn’t watch the movie at that time because we didn’t have enough data and the internet was not enough to download the movie, we needed to save the movie and try another time to watch it or increase the data in order to watch the movie. It was also very slow to get on the internet; We couldn’t stream videos, watch Netflix or anything similar.

We signed a contract with this company with expectations that we would have decent internet service but what we got was a service that only allowed us to watch one movie before being cut to slower than dial up era internet service. We called to cancel services and were told to limit our video quality to the lowest setting possible, or to pay more for better service.

Exede makes promises of connection which they've failed to consistently deliver. In addition, their call center is staffed by poorly trained and antagonistic "customer care representatives". They are unrealistic and cannot accommodate for the needs of their customers. It's hard to understand any of their customer service representatives and they can't help you, only repeat themselves.

Now they have turned us over for collections for $344 no even a month after we cancelled the services. We cancelled the services over the phone on September 4, 2017. We have already sent the modem back, the disk and all equipment they asked for, I had to go on the roof to take their dish down because they said if they sent someone to do it they will charge me for that too, I had back surgery not too long ago, explained that to them but they didn’t care. We received a letter dated October 11, 2017 from Exede stating “Account Past Due”, but shortly after we received a letter dated October 25, 2017 from a Collection Agency.

I did look at the Exede contract. It's a 14-page single space document that is full of language that takes advantage of customers.

If this letter is not taking seriously and my bill is not forgiven, our next step is to make a complaint with the FTC so they are aware of Exede's pattern and practice of unfair tactics in violation of federal law, since my complain  is based on the very unfair and one sided contract. Exede is violating the Federal Trade Act by taking unfair advantage of consumers like my wife and I.



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Posted 3 years ago

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Well your first mistake was believing what you were told all to save $10/month.

But good luck in getting anybody to take you serious from a legal standpoint.
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I did look at the Exede contract. It's a 14-page single space document that is full of language that takes advantage of customers.
I agree 100 percent, and wish you luck in getting a favorable resolution. 
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People voluntarily sign the contract. Don't like what is in it, don't sign it!
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Since you know who sold you the bills of goods, take the matter up with them.

Some of the various points you could make are:

Ask an innocent question like "if something were to happen to you, would your family be taken care of?"

"Does the mob statement "We'll send flowers" mean anything to you?"

"I know this guy, he owes me a favor."

"I have some friends that want to talk to you about this... they ride motorcycles, and carry a lot of chains, you know, in case they get stuck and all, well, they favor riding and visiting people late at night."

"Don't those cars like yours have a tendency to explode when they're started in the morning?"

If it gets ugly, remind him that his house could burn down one night with him and his family in it.

If you still don't get a refund, you didn't talk to him sternly enough.

(yea,  I like gangster movies, a person can learn a thing or 2 from them)

Above all, remember it wasn't Exede that lied or cheated you, it was the installer.
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You are very defensive in an open forum
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You really get around don't you?
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Of course, we know SHE isn't defensive in an open forum.

(you're up early judge)
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I love how the poster mentioned the contract being unfair but for some reason they agreed to It.

People say all sorts of nasty stuff about the 24 month agrrement but most cell phone companies were the same way until recently.

I canceled my Exede service years ago and had no problem paying the termination fee. I knew about it when I signed up for service because I am a responsible adult that reads contracts before I commit to them.

Deep down, this issue is with the sales guy that told some nasty lies to make a dollar.
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And people believe the sales line to save a few dollars a month, but have no idea what they are buying. Do your research before signing a two year contract! How hard is that!?!?
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You had me at best internet service ever... 
I think any contract I have ever read does everything to not take responsibility for anything that should ever happen.  You signed your soul away.
I agree on many of the representatives though... although I can understand them, it really does nothing talking to them.  For one, if I am calling in for support, I do not want to be taken through the steps of troubleshooting my modem or connection.  They will try to do this even if you call and state my modem is not getting power.  Rep: let me see if I can access your modem... HELLO, it is not even getting power, how can you possibly access my modem? Lets unplug and plug it back in... Gee I would of never have thought of doing that, let me do it again.

Anyway, good luck.  And what awesome service did you ditch to go with the att exede direct tv crazy bundle.

Only internet for me.  I have my own phone, and I use my good ol' terrestrial antenna to pick up television stations and use my computer as my DVR...
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Lourdes, this is a customer to customer support forum, not a direct means of contacting Exede. If you wish to contact Exede directly, you may do so here:

We cannot address any billing or account specific issues here.

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