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From other posts I have found, this is apparently an ongoing problem between Exede and PayPal.  For me the problem started about 5 PM yesterday and was still there this morning. Cell could
get to PayPal on Verizon but not through my Exede WiFi so I knew it wasn't that PayPal was down. Restarted everything, no change. Then, individually, I switched to a different DNS server, got the IP address for PayPal and tried bypassing the DNS server altogether, tried tracert with domain name and IP address and then finally called Exede. Was escalated to Tier ? and told this was a known problem and I had to go to a website so they could access my computer remotely. I told them I did not want to do this. They said "it's OK you can see everything they are doing." I said "yes, I can see but if I don't like it I can't stop them, so I would rather the tech talk me through it." The woman I spoke with was pleasant and called twice to try to get "them" to talk to me and they flatly refused. So I said "if I don't turn my computer over to you you flatly refuse to help me" and she said yes. I have 5 computers and two smart phones and a tablet and all had the issue. Since I did not know what they intended to do and since if it adversely affected another program or function on my computers they would not be responsible I ended the call. Total waste of time I thought until I tried PayPal half an hour later and it worked. I had changed nothing on my end, no restarts nothing it just started working so Exede had to have done something. The timing was too big a coincidence. Why couldn't they have just done that while I was on the phone? I have been with them for almost a year and overall it's been great. I have called Customer Service twice before and they resolved the issue quickly and politely, but this call was TOTALLY less than satisfactory (except for the fact that PayPal "magically" started working sometime soon thereafter). I am posting this just as an FYI for others that experience the problem in  the future and may not want Exede techs poking around their computers.

UPDATE:  I had posted this as a reply on "Trouble with accessing website" and  received a response from Exede Brad saying as he always has it's an intermittent PayPal problem. Here is the response to Brad that I posted there:

Hi Brad,  Thanks for the timely response, but in this instance I think it's an issue between Exede and PayPal or one of the nodes in-between. With the cell phone I could connect through Verizon but not through Exede  multiple different times. I then used the phone as a hot spot and with my laptop connected to PayPal no problem but still not through Exede. Went back and forth several times and always the same. Did this last evening and again this morning with the same results. During this entire period PayPal always worked going through Verizon and never with Exede, far too many times to believe that PayPal was always up when I tried on Verizon and never up when I tried moments before or after on Exede. Finally, in spite of not letting Exede's techs play with any of my computers soon after I hang up it works again. Coincidence? I suppose that's possible, but the odds are highly against it.  Also, I was told that this was a known problem and if I let Exede's techs play with my computer they could fix it right away? If Exede can fix it right away by playing with my computer it doesn't sound like an issue of PayPal being down, does it? Again, I am only posting this for the benefit of others who may experience the problem so they, hopefully, don't get as frustrated as I did and at least know what to expect from Exede Customer Service. Someone within Exede knows exactly what's going on but they don't seem to be sharing that information either internally or externally and that seems like a bad decision from a Customer Relations standpoint. I am still happy overall with Exede but I do think this one issue has been and is being handled very badly.
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I agree with this post. I do an incredible amount of business with and through PayPal. He is the weird situation for me. It is always on a Saturday evening, and always comes back in a few hours. I have learned through experience as well that if I leave it alone it has always come back up for me as Excede doesn't have a solution and their customer service is less than favorable. I choose not to tolerate or deal with their lack of professionalism and training as customer service agents.