Potential cause for wide Variance with back to back speed tests??

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So, after a kind of rough start....we're really enjoying our Excede internet. I think the speeds are kind of settling in if you will and are "more" consistent. 

Question though: Over the weekend I did multiple back to back speed tests. I've been concerned with low speed tests considering what I'm paying for. Paying for 25Mbs, have had several tests in the 5-8Mbs range, some as low as 1-2Mbs. 

I'll test it once, it may be 5Mps download, wait a minute, it may be 8Mps, wait a minute, do it again it may be 35Mps and again, maybe down to 8Mps again. Paying for 25Mps, I'd be tickled to death for a consistent number around there, vs spikes and drops. 

Could this be an indicator something is not quite right with the setup? I understand if I were to test at 2:00AM and get 35Mps and test at 8:00 PM and get something a lot lower but this is literally, back to back, to back. I don't want to make a habit of using a ton of data on speed tests but until I'm comfortable I'm getting close to what I'm paying for, I'll continue to do so.

Also, this is consistent when using wither speedtest or testmy.net which usually test close to each other.

Again, over-all we're really happy with Excede, this is a question, not a complaint (at this point) 
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello, please send us an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and we'll take a look at it for you. 
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Sent, thanks for your feedback Brad
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I have had the same problem for the entire 15 months I've had Exede except for a short time when my earth station was in New Mexico; then it was great service. For most of the last year my earth station has been somewhere near Temecula, CA, and it is always variable like you noted. When I have contacted exedelistens, the help desk person blamed my router and the fact that I have "a lot of things attached" to it. In fact, I have three PCs, two mobil phones, two tablets, and a media streamer/server. Doesn't seem like a lot of devices to me especially when only two or three of them are ever active at any one time. 
I hope you can get some resolution other than you have too many devices attached to your router or, the other common excuse I've seen on the forums, "network congestion." Network congestion? Really? Every night and never fixed? Sounds to me like Exede needs to add more capacity...
Let us know how it goes. Perhaps you'll give the rest of us some hope.
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Will keep you posted. I need to call their tech support during low speeds and we'll go from there. 

Along the lines of congestion though: As I was moving from Speedconnect to Excede the guy in their retentions said "oh, we install Excede under our name as well" and another guy said Speedconnect purchases some of their bandwidth via Excede and re-sells it as Speedconnect via 4G. Ahhh the irony, Speedconnect shafts me on the way out and gets the last laugh because they are sucking down my bandwidth from Excede and creating "congestion"! haha good-ness. 

It also doesn't seem like "congestion" would come and go in minutes. Some of my 3-5Mps tests were between 3 AM and 6 AM. Some of my best 30-34Mps have come at 7PM, contrary to the Congestion theory. 

I'm confident it'll all work out I just don't want to get out a few months and they say "well, maybe you dish is slight out of alignment....for $95 we'll come take a look" Nor do I want to hit 25Mps or above half the time and pay full price. 

Overall I'm usually at or above 25Mps but I don't understand how, in a beam they are still actively "selling and promoting" do I drop to 1Mps due to "congestion" . 
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The speed test are coming from different servers each time hey are ran, The speeds can be faster or slower depending on he traffic on he servers. Another thing to keep in mind is speed test downloads several large file each time you run one that can eat up a lot of data,