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Videos never play right. They always ALWAYS stop and start. I have so many videos that I need to watch for my Avon business and just can't due to my service with you at Exede. This is my free time and that is when I plan to catch up on videos that I need to watch and never can. I was thinking about upgrading my service to the unlimited but I just don't trust Exede any more. So tired of not getting what I pay for!!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter how many times I complain or chat....nothing changes. Tired Of It, Patty Vaughan
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Posted 2 years ago

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There have been some reports here that the new video data extender option doesn't play well with some video streaming services (it would likely depend on whre the Avon video content is hosted and how well adpative bitrate streaming is implemented).

Since you're not not on an unlimited plan yet, go into you're account and see if turning it off makes a difference (it was turned on by default when introduced a couple months ago). However if you do (or did) go with one of the unlimited plans, be aware that you won't have an option to turn it off (despite it being called video optimization on those plans).   
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As Old Labs said, certainly don't change plans yet. Try switching the video optimizer off and see if it makes a difference. Also see if you can download the videos ahead of time or change the resolution of them.
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Also what browser and video player are you using? I could not get DTV on demand on the computer to work with Fire Fox. DTV was absolutely no help. Edge didn’t work but Explorer 11 did. DTV has a video player that must be used and Explorer was the only browser that I could get to work with the player.

Based on the time of day, some buffering should be expected, but only once or twice during an hour show at 480p.
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What plan are you on?
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I just noticed the reply's sorry. I have the very limited 10g plan still and use Chrome browser. I don't have my desktop computer hooked up to my video player...if you are talking about a DVD Player. I would like to switch to the unlimited plan but I don't think my signal is strong enough if it can't even play short videos now without buffering every few seconds. idk
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Thank you for the help! Also, can you tell me what the difference is between 480 and 720p? I have a big TV if that makes any difference. Is it worth paying 100 or 145.00 a month? 
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Do you guys download movies and store them somewhere or just stream. I am very new to this ....
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Patty, if you are going to stream on that big TV (larger than 18 inch) yes, you want higher resolution but, hold off for a few days, there may be 1080 plans coming soon to your area, with a switch to Viasat 2.

This shows the difference in different resolutions.:
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Hi Patty - I can't tell from your post whether you are trying to watch videos from your PC/laptop or from your TV, or from what website.  If you are watching on your PC/laptop, have you tried pausing the video (right after clicking on play) and letting the video buffer a bit before playing again? Also, the videos may have a setting where you can change the resolution from HD to 720, 480, etc. (assuming that Viasat's video extender/limiter doesn't work with these videos). Playing at something other than HD would not only help prevent the buffering, but it would also help save download data.