Poor Customer Service and Lies so far.

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Not happy at all with this service, I am a new customer and was told how the speeds would be so great. So far I am unable to get over 4 MPS Download and the Upload Speeds are better at around 5 to 6 MBPS. When I called Technical Support I get a rude young woman who was less than helpful and told me that nothing is promised about speeds. I have tried day and night and the speeds are horrible. She said it is congestion and that all I am promised is to be able to read email and web browsing. Funny thing is the lady who sold me the service told me I would never see below 5 mbps and usually 8 to 12 mbps. She talked about how the service was so great but also tried to sell me Hughesnet. The Installer was not able to come the day he promised so it cost me another day because he promised to be here in the morning but did not sow until the afternoon. I received no paperwork, signed nothing and have been treated rudely on the phone.
I am not real happy at all with the Tech Support and not happy with the lies about the service. Don't tell someone something and then do something else. Horrible Customer Service so far.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Usually speed issues are do to congestion. If that is the case not a whole lot can be done. Exede can sometime make some tweeka on their side to help but its no a guaranteed fix. Only thing you can do is send exedelistens@viasat.com an email with your account number and a brief description of your problem and see what that can do if anything.
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If this is going on all times of the day, I wonder if the installer didn't get the dish aligned just right or cut some other corner. Mines slow during primetime but on slack times I can still get 18Mbs or so.
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Exede cannot EVER guarantee Internet speeds to anyone because they have no control over the customer premises equipment (your computer and all attached equipment).

Some computers may have problems with the Network Interface Card and/or it's settings.  Some NICs are poorly designed from the start but do basically work.  Computer manufacturers squeeze every penny of profit possible from machines they sell and don't really care about the quality of components that go into the machines.  Profit margin is king.  Routers are a highly suspect device when slow speeds are experienced because they can be inherently slow to begin with and have settings that can sabotage your connection speed if not set correctly. 

My computer was supplied with a pair of Marvel Yukon 88E8052 PCIe gigabit Ethernet controllers that should have given quite impressive performance, but didn't.   I tried several different NICs and the one that could truly extract every bit per second out of Exede was a now outdated Hawking HWUN3 USB wireless dongle.  I upgraded my router to an ASUS RT-AC68U 1900 and saw a slight speed gain again.

Check your equipment, it's internal settings, patch cords that may not be made to established standards, distance from a wireless router and your wireless devices.  The list can go on.

Don't automatically blame Exede or call their employees liars. You need to conduct a thorough investigation of your equipment connected to their Surfbeam modem.  Be fair and as Google says; "Don't be evil"
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Not much to go on here but as Craig notes above, router configuration is one of the usual suspects.

In particular I'd focus on QOS settings for now... you may want to disable it entirely if enabled in any fashion - sounds like download/upload priorities are askew. Might want to disable QOS on your network adapter also.

There have been some unconfirmed reports that QOS isn't fully compatible with Accelenet servers. QOS doesn't really serve any useful purpose for most unless attempting to manage a large number of simultaneous devices/users.

You might also want to bypass the router entirely and connect directly to the modem to rule out the router as a potential problem. Some have then had success in resetting the router to its default state particularly when coming from another ISP where it's been tweaked for that ISP. At the same time some routers just don't play well with Exede.     

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