Please do not waste your money on this internet provider

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Do anyone know of any legal advisory I can get in contact with. I’ve had Viasat since April of 2019. In the beginning, the service was okay. We originally had the 25GB plan because we only have 1 device we use the internet for. From April of 2019 until December of 2019 we never went over and also had remaining GBs by the end of the Cycle. The billing month of January Our internet stopped working, they claimed we went over. I was hesitant and called because we only have 1 device, there’s only two of us and we both work full time. I eventually ordered extra GB even though I knew that couldn’t be right. I now had 37GBs for the month of February. Our billing cycle started over January 28th and now they are saying we went over our Gb on the 5th of February. We’ve also had a lot of bad weather in Arkansas so the internet has not been working on every one of those days. Nothing has changed on our part and we still only have 1 device connected. The representative went around in circles the entire call and I requested to speak to a supervisor and was denied 3 times. I really need insight on what I can do or who I need to speak with on this problem because I refuse to keep paying for GBs that I know we’re not using.
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How do you know you're not using those 25 GB?   Unfortunately the proof is up to the user to prove that that data usage is incorrect.  Invest in a router with a traffic analyzer to see how much data is being used.   Is your wifi open?  Could someone accessing your data via wifi?   Change the password immediately.   What 1 device do you have?  If it's a pc , there are tools to monitor how much data is being used.    Do you leave the pc ON while you are gone?  Leaving a browser open will pull data and refresh itself every 15 sec.  Data used.  25 GB is not a lot and easy to use up.  Search this forum for suggestions to other people that have had the same issue.   
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My WiFi is private but I will change my password. The only device that is connected is a smart Tv. I understand what you’re saying but if that’s the case we should have been running out of data .
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Since they are the ones in charge of saying what you use, you dont have any choice. My adviseis to pay off contract and move on. Use cell phone hot spot. Any chance the TVis updating apps or a phone?
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Last month I "supposedly" used 4 gig of data after 2 hours of computer being turned on. The only problem was I wasn't using the computer. This is the only device hooked up. Electric company is running fiber optic line as we speak. Will be glad to get rid of this service.
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Lucky you getting fiber. No way I will get that in a 100 years. I am second to last on my electric company's run from a sub station.
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FWIW, you don't have to "use" your computer - it's enough to simply turn it on and burn data in the background with things like automatic updates, app updates, cloud backups, etc. unless you sleep properly or hibernate as Harvey notes above.

But congrats on the fiber, then  with a larger data cap (if any) you won't have to worry about it and can ignore all the data being wasted on your behalf. With satellite, we have to be constantly be aware of what can use data on our behalves.

Until then and if it really is the only device "hooked up", install a traffic monitoring application like Glasswire which will allow you to prove or disprove your "usage" vs. Viasat's claim. The exercise can be a real eye opener regardless of outcome.     

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