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You would think with soooooo many complaint someone would care a out thier company. I guess they know they have you..be because everyone would leave.
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Are you having troubles with your service?  If so, what are they?  You can always email us at viasatlistens@viasat.com.
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I've called countless times about slooowwwww speeds . The same old excuse..Congestion ...well congestion must be 24 7....cause its Always Slow
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Meh, Viasat doesn't care about their residential customers. They only care about business and military and first classes on the airplane. That's where all bandwidth is going to leaving residents customers into the dust. Feels bad man. Feels bad.
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Viasat DOES NOT CARE about their customers! I absolutely hate calling them because it's always the same non English speaking techs that place the blame on the customer. I ran out of internet 2 weeks into it! I call and the tech tells me that 32 gig was used in one day, and I was like HOW??? I gave never got a reason or what used up 32 gig and when I called back AGAIN their solution to my problem was for me to UPGRADE to the next highest package AND another 2 year agreement!!! Hell no I wont sign another agreement. Which we as customers are held to that agreement but viasat is not. You never get anyone who speaks clear English. I am so tired of these jerks of a internet company. I am actively searching for another company and I would give my pinkie toes to go back to cable! Viasat SUCKS!!
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ViaSat doesn't control your data usage, nor are they responsible for how much you use, or how quickly you use it.  With a data restrictive ISP the customer needs to work to control that usage, both through prioritization of activities and having their devices set up to use as little data as possible on their own.