Is my ping normal?

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What should the PING results be? Here is mine. If it is too slow, how do I fix it?

C:\WINDOWS\system32>cmdMicrosoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
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Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=649ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=686ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=643ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=676ms TTL=240

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 643ms, Maximum = 686ms, Average = 663ms
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The replies above are correct. Exede will naturally have a very high ping time. Considering how far that signal goes, it's pretty quick but not quick for some internet activities that rely on a fast ping rate like fps gaming and such
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One more thing I have never been banned in my online gaming experience. Until last night where I was banned from my favorite server because my ping was too high!
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Mark, I'm afraid the speed of light is the answer, unless you can figure out how to run fiber over 22,000 miles into space and back and, make sure it will never interfere with rocket, planes, helicopters, jets, and other satellites.

Satellite internet is never going to see ping (latency) below 550 to 600 or more at busy times. That is science, the laws of physics PERIOD.

The better question is why are you gaming on Exede when you have DSL? Why do you have Exede if DSL or fiber is available to you?

Exede is a great choice when dial up or, no internet at all are your only other choices but, if lad based, broadband service is available to you, that will be your better choice.
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The speed of light is not just a suggestion, its the Law .. Law of Physics.

The satellite is located 22,300 miles up in geosynchronous orbit.

Your signal has to travel from your terminal up to the satellite, then down to the Gateway where it joins the terrestrial internet, from there the response follows the same path back.

We are looking at 22,300 miles X 4

Your ping will be 580 ms at the very minimum.

Short of inventing the warp drive, the speed of light is going to be about the fastest thing around at this point.


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What Bev said is dead-on. The law of physics is the law of physics. When we have a potential customer call and inquire about getting Exede AND they say they want to game with it, we simply won't put them in because no matter how many times we tell them the limitations of satellite internet when it comes to gaming, they always call back a few days after the install and act like we never gave them the facts.
We had a lady call the other day and she wanted internet. They had bought a house out in the middle of nowhere, said they had lived in the city for all their life and wanted to experience the country life for a while. Her son does nothing but game and sleep, not sure what % of the day each consumes, so we told her that Exede or Hughes was simply not going to work. She had a fit and said somebody was going to have to do something because her son simply can't go without gaming. Oh well, better stay in the city. She wanted to know if we could "run a cord" out to her house. I've never seen my sister in law laugh out loud like that before. Nope, can't run a cord.
It's very important to do your homework BEFORE you make a purchase or commitment.

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LOL Andy. I know the feeling. I am a gamer, a beta tester for two different game publishers. Fortunately I am not the only satellite internet bound tester for them and, those two companies are gearing games to the high latency. Unfortunately neither offers free PC/MAC games, and, the games of the last few years (since 2004) are not cheap but, they do work, many are MMO, a few have an offline mode as well and, one is even an FPS that actually works for me.

I would be asking those gamer potential customer what games they want to play. If most of their games worked, then go for the sale, if not, advise otherwise. I'd also suggest gamers have a Liberty plan with a free zone, if available to them. One game download can be 50 GB or more, and there are frequent updates of 1-10 GB for most games.